Hey! I'm Brandilyn. This is my blog.

Some things:
I talk about my husband a lot. His name is David and I like him and I love him. We got married in the summer of 2008, opened a clothing store in Rexburg, Idaho immediately afterwards, and ran it for almost 5 years while we were in school.  We both have bachelor's degrees from BYUI (David in Accounting, me in English/Creative Writing) and right now we're working on master's degrees (an MBA from Colorado State for David and an MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University for me). 
Our son Clark was born on April 11, 2012. We mostly call him Joony, which is short for Junior, which is what we called him when I was pregnant and we couldn't decide on a name.  It kind of stuck.  We think it's cute.

The three of us lived in Idaho until 2015, when we moved to Arizona.  We'd always dreamed about living in the desert and it hasn't disappointed us one bit.  By day, David is a banker and I work at home with Joony.  By night, we hit the books and turn into frazzled graduate students.

Around the www, I mostly blog about parenting, marriage, graduate school, feminism, and our goofy tortoiseshell cat Tina.  I also love to bake, I grew up riding big horses over big jumps, I do a little bit of improvisational theater, and a lot of reading.  Sometimes those things get discussed on here, too.  I blogged as Cats & Cardigans for a couple years, then made the switch over here to Mom Clothes.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to drop a comment and say hello. I'd love to be friends!
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