Tuesday, March 28, 2017

say you'll see me again

Februaries! Every February we do something big.

In 2012 we were getting ready to have a Joonybaby.
In 2013 we finalized the sale of our clothing store Panache.
In 2014 we bought a townhouse in Rexburg,
In 2015 we up and moved to Mesa.
In 2016 I started working on my graduate thesis.
In 2017 we bought a house in Mesa...and adopted a doggo to live in it!

This is Sophie and she is sweet and adoring and kind and playful. Everyone here is a smitten kitten, except for our actual kitten, who is not so smitten. I'm not kiddin.

Oh, gosh. Have you missed me around here? Maybe not so much?

Anyways, Soph is a Doberman who we found at the Arizona Humane Society. She's two, she's great with Clark, learning how to be great with Tina (they fight like cats and dogs! HA, there I go again), and is always up for a couch nap. Our kind of dog.

The house we bought is in east Mesa. It's older, but it's perfect for us. We've kept busy settling in while teaching (Dave teaches a Finance class at BYUI now, too!). I'm especially excited about the elementary school we're zoned for as it was my first choice for Clark, who starts Kindergarten in August! It seems mathematically impossible that my baby is turning 5 in two weeks. I don't know. The days move so fast it makes me dizzy. He is so old now he's missing TEETH--the two front ones! I'm not coping so well with his sudden status as a practical teenager.

I think that about covers it as far as major life updates go. I always think "Gosh, I should do this more. I enjoy sitting down to blog. I'm going to blog twice a week!" And then, you know, months pass. But it's good to pop in and say hello! Like a little mic tap. "Is this thing still on? Anyone out there?" If it is and you are, hi! Hello! Good to see ya :)


  1. Hello! Good to see you too! Thanks for the quick update on your life lately, it's always nice to read about what's happening. Joony is almost 5?! Holy Moly! Oh, and Sophie is just adorable! xx


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