Monday, December 5, 2016

stuff your stocking

Most years, my mom and I do each other's stockings. It's been one of my favorite traditions, and it takes stress off my husband and dad! Stuffing stockings is one of my favorite parts of December.

Below I've assembled a few silly things I'd be excited to see in my stocking, just in case you're working on a mom/sister/friend's stocking OR you want a few wish list ideas for yourself:

Nail polish holder - This is just good old-fashioned genius. Vanilla bean paste - I've heard that it's so much better for baking than vanilla extract, but I can't say for sure because I've never been willing to spring for it myself (which is what makes it the perfect gift!). Wunderbrow - Word on the street is it's amazing and stays on forEVER. Stencils! - Great for 12 years olds and people who love doodling in their planner. Chandrika bar soap - It smells musky and romantic. I love it. Bar earrings - They go with everything and are perfect even for people who don't love jewelry. David Freaking Sedaris' NEW BOOK - you'd have to pre-order it, since it doesn't come out until June, but my word. No better gift! I would be begging everyone I know to buy it for me if I hadn't already bought it for myself. Just write "David Freaking Sedaris' new book is pre-ordered. Expect it in June." on a Post-It note, stick it in the stocking, you're ready to rock. A Passion Planner! - I use mine every single day. The compact size is perfect for stockings/life, and you can get 10% off with my code BRANSPLANS10.
 PROVOCALIPS - I could write a whole blog post about this, but the bottom line is that it does NOT transfer, comes in gorgeous colors, and is $7 at Target or Wal Mart (you know that $30 lipstick everyone is selling? Where they make a video of themselves rubbing their lips over and over again? I promise this is better/cheaper). RTIC tumbler - I mentioned this before, and I still use it every day. Best tumbler ever! Magnetic car vent mount for your phone - Perfect for playing music or navigating while you're driving. A+!


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