Thursday, December 22, 2016

mustard everything

Is anyone else still obsessed with all things mustard? I'm coming up on a decade of gasping every time I see a mustard yellow knit. I guess that makes it a classic, right?

Anyways, it's finally (finally) cool enough around here to wear a sweater, even if only for an hour or two in the morning. I'll take it! A few weeks ago I grabbed two mustard knits from Rose Gal to wear through the cooler months and I couldn't be more excited about them.

I wore this first outfit to hit the library, Sodalicious, and Trader Joe's with Clark. He's out of school for Christmas and my semester is graded and done, so we've got two weeks to party! It's been a wonderful break from our usual hustle (even though Clark double checks with me every morning: "I don't have school? My teachers aren't there today?").
I love the cozy knit of this cardigan (and it comes in a gorgeous wine color, too!).

I wore this second (mustard, cozy, knit...I have a type! ;) sweater to dinner with my family and rolled the sleeves for a more casual look. I paired it with my most comfortable loafers and loved the way it made my favorite turquoise necklace pop.

When I took these pictures it had been raining off an on all day. Do you see the leaves behind my *just* starting to turn yellow? We don't get fall in Arizona until January! Even as it was raining all morning it was nice enough outside (60*) to go on a walk with Joonybugs.

Anyways, thank you for reading along and checking out the businesses that are kind enough to sponsor this kind of post. I've loved browsing through RoseGal and finding cute seasonal pieces!


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