Friday, December 2, 2016


When David and I first got married and we lived in Rexburg, we were surrounded by other newlywed couples exactly like us. I remember once in class at BYUI I said I'd been married for over 2 years and a classmate looked at me, shocked, and said "How many kids do you have?!" People were always saying how long they'd been married by months: "We've been married 14 months!" It's a lot like the way a lot of moms say their babies are "17 months!" instead of just "One," or "Almost two." In a culture where everything happens so quickly (dating-engaged-married-babies), I guess every month counts. Big time.

Anyways, as newlyweds living in Rexburg surrounded by this, I started mentioning our "anniversary" every month. I meant it sarcastically, as a joke, poking fun at everyone around us, but I guess the real joke is on me because...I never stopped. Every month on the 2nd I send David a text to wish him a happy anniversary, and he laughs at me and says it back. We don't actually celebrate with gifts or a date or anything, but it's mentioned every month.

A few years ago I started wondering how many months I'd been doing this, and I calculated when we'd hit the 100 month mark. When I realized it was at 8 years and 4 months, I thought "Holy crap, that's so far away." we are. December 2, 2016 marks 100 months of marriage! And I'm officially a psycho wife for knowing, counting, and acknowledging the milestone. Where I've been celebrating our marriage every month, though, it feels significant! Silly. But worth acknowledging.
So here's to 100 months of marriage! We are different in so many ways, but I love David with my whole heart. There is no one better for me, no one else I'd rather stand beside as I navigate life, no one else I'd want to parent with, and for sure no one else who would be as good-natured about the special brand of crazy I bring to the table ;)


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