Saturday, December 24, 2016

Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!

How will you be spending this holiday?

I have family in town from all over. My brother and his family flew in from Sweden and the rest of my siblings traveled from California so we can all be together in Arizona this weekend. I just (finally) got to meet my Swedish nephew for the first time and he's just as cute and squishy as I'd always imagined. It's Christmas heaven! My brother is even teaching my to say "Can I have a hug?" in Swedish so maybe my nephew will warm up to me a little faster. Not that it's a competition with his other aunts and uncles...but I mean, if it was, I'd be winning. ;)

It's already been an eventful weekend. I went to a weightlifting class this morning (it's a new favorite!), Clark was diagnosed with croup (BOOO...luckily he's still as happy as can be, though, and is good to go for Christmas fun!), and we'll be heading to my parent's house tonight for pizza and pajamas. The gifts are all wrapped, the food is going to be delicious, and it will be the merriest time.

This year I loved the idea of a Christmas outfit that was wintry without being red and green or covered in sequins. These shades of blue feel festive (I wish you could feel how thick and luxurious this wool skirt is!) but will transition well to other times of the tear. DressLily has some killer deals and a really cute selection--I had way too much fun browsing over there!


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