Saturday, November 26, 2016

work this body

I gained some weight over the last year, maybe 10 lbs. I kept planning on eating healthier, but it was always after...something. After I submitted my thesis. After I graduated. After my first semester of teaching was over. Blah, blah, blah, of course, life is always stressful, and it felt like there was always a reason to indulge. And so, right before the holidays (? Why, Brandilyn) I started tracking calories and stopped drinking Diet Coke.

I immediately noticed how much I'd been snacking. Hundreds of calories every day consumed in snacks! Crazy. It's like when you start tracking your spending and notice how fast the $1 items at Target add up. I also started chugging water like there was no tomorrow. It's going great!

So, in the tradition of bloggers everywhere, after doing something for a little while, I am now the expert! Bring all of your questions to me! Ha. But I am about to list some things that have helped me as I've started taking control of what I'm putting into my mouth, and maybe it'll help you, too!
My Fitness Pal makes it really easy to track calories, water, and exercise. I put the app on my phone so it's truly at my fingertips. One thing that helps is to log everything I know I'm going to eat right at the beginning of the day. For instance, today I knew I was going to want a slice of leftover apple pie from Thanksgiving. So I logged it when I woke up! And I've been working my calories around that treat all day. You can also enter your own recipes on here, so I have all my favorite smoothie combinations and overnight oats recipes already entered.
WALKING. Walking! So simple. Going on a quick walk every day gets me to my Fitbit step goal, earns a couple extra calories, and feels good for my brain. I swore to myself I wouldn't do any exercise that made me hate myself the entire time. Running is out. My brilliant mom's yoga class every week is in! Fight class at the YMCA is in! And walking is IN!

I also got a taser for when I'm out walking. It's handheld, lightweight, and makes me feel way safer than walking without it. I won't go walking alone at night without it.
My favorite Instagrams for healthy food ideas: Mindful Eating and Lauren B Health.

I got a killer water bottle. I wanted one of the Yeti tumblers, and this is essentially the same thing for $12. Nice. My water stays cold ALL DAY. I take it to church with me, and even sitting in the hot car for 3 hours, there are still ice cubes afterwards. Miracle! I try to drink 4 of these a day.

Halo Top ice cream. Duh.

I don't know, this is all pretty obvious and elementary. Eat less food. Work out. Drink more water. But it's because it works! I refuse to do fad diets or insane workout regimes. There is no healthy way to drop 15 pounds in a week. It just takes time. But it's healthy, and it's working, and it feels good! Just call me Brandilyn, the obvious blogger.


  1. Haha I appreciate that you know that there are more ways to workout than running (also out for me). I love capoeira and yoga myself.

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