Monday, November 28, 2016

puppies & kittens?!

What's this?! An outfit post?? I wouldn't believe it myself if it weren't before my very eyes! But today I'm partnering up with Rose Gal to show you a few fun, budget-friendly items.

Since animal-themed clothing is sort of my jam right now, I was super excited to pick out some cute things from their site. I paired this dachshund crop tee with my favorite high-waisted jeans, slip ons, and a lightweight green coat for an afternoon of errands with Dave and Joon.
It's insanely soft, of course I'm nuts about that puppy face, and it's less than $15. BOOM!
The next day I took this kitten purse, which is right up my alley, for a spin at church. I love that it's not too crazy but still adds a little personality to an otherwise simple black dress.
I also wore these hexagon earrings (less than TWO dollars!) for an easy accessory.
Right now Rose Gal has some great holiday-themed clothing and everything is really affordable. It would be a great place to shop for gifts or to find a dress for holiday parties (I totally have my eye on this elegant swan dress, which is only $20!). Check them out!

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