Wednesday, November 9, 2016

light and life

I'm terrible at blogging lately, but today I'm showing up to make a list.
10 Things That Make Me Incredibly Happy:

1. My job. I love teaching. I have a couple students who submit work that just lights up my day. I get so excited to open their submission folders. And...I just signed my Winter teaching contracts! Two English classes and I couldn't be happier.

2. A parent/teacher conference with Clark's preschool teacher, who just adores him. It fills me with happiness to drop him off to learn and grow with friends and teachers who love him.
3. Voting. This election didn't turn out how I wanted it to. I woke up today feeling...totally gutted. But I got to have a say yesterday. I got to vote for a candidate who I believed in. That matters. It felt important.

4. My cat stretches out to sleep in a patch of sunlight on the carpet in my office while I work.

5. I have friends who run really cool businesses. Kate is selling her gorgeous photography, Jolie released her 2017 calendar (with an empowerment theme that feels timely), and Lauren just launched a shop of book-themed tee shirts. Christmas shopping like whaaaaaat!

6. Diet Coke. With ice and fresh limes.

7. I live in a state that is 75* in November. It's been a long, hot, exhausting summer but it is November and it is gorgeous outside. I wish it was a LITTLE BIT cooler, ok, yes. But it's hard not to be grateful for this very, very mild weather.

8. I found some unexpectedly cute tops on Amazon lately. This floral one, this skeptical cat one, and this cactus one. They were cheap and I've loved having some bright new colors to wear!

9. My son, who says things like "Holy crap. Look at you. You're so cool!" when I put a green flannel on, who cuddles up in bed with me in the morning, who asks every day to hear the story about how we got Tina, who makes Dave and I so happy every single day.

10. Nightly walks around my neighborhood. I got a tiny, handheld taser so I feel safe being out after dark (what a world!) and I walk and listen to podcasts (recently the Nasty Women of the Hour and This American Life have been fantastic). It's wonderful, meditative, personal, quiet time.

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