Tuesday, July 12, 2016

hear this prayer

It's been months since I posted. Months! My last post was just a couple days before the semester started, which seems fitting.

Teaching has been new and scary and exciting and rewarding. I'm a little sad this semester is ending, because getting to know a whole new class of students feels daunting. I love the ones I have so much! Of course, I'm also relieved to have that first semester checked off. I'm ready for a summer break. I went immediately (actually, there was a week or two of overlap) from being in the classroom to leading a classroom. It felt a bit like finishing a marathon and then being told that no, you don't get to sit and have a water break, you actually need to run another 5 miles. Complaining feels so silly, though! I graduated with a degree in Writing, scientifically proven to be the least useful degree (not based in fact, just my own guessing), and I did it with a job. A job in my field! It's all so good. I'm relieved and glad and excited about how much I loved teaching these last few months. I hoped I would love it this much.
Other than that, the big news around here is that David also graduated (MBA! Get it, dude!) and started a fancy new bank job. Clark (he goes by Clark now, isn't that strange?! But only at preschool! At home he's mostly Joony still...unless he says sternly "Mom, you do not call me Joony today. I am Clark.") finished his first year of preschool and turned four and is attending a musical day camp this week. He loves singing and performing and reminding me that Tina is a cat with a tail on her back and asking for a cup of orange juice and laughing hysterically whenever someone says "turd." He is the very best.
So things are good! The update is that life is normal, busy, good, overwhelming at times, wonderful, all of it. It's life. I'm still here! And these amazing pictures were taken by my photo gypsy goddess Kate during our fourth of July weekend in Rocky Point, Mexico. Like I said...life is so good.

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  1. hey BRANDILYN..this is really nice to see .keep it up


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