Saturday, February 13, 2016


Joony dropped his nap.

He's almost four (FOUR!), so it's a totally normal time for him to drop the mid-day snooze, but that doesn't mean I'm cool as a cucumber about it. At all. I've only got one more month of school and it would have just been really super convenient if he'd held onto the nap for a couple more weeks. But this is parenting, right? He didn't and I'm all flustered about it. I really depended on that 2-3 hour chunk in the middle of the day. I'd make lunch, watch an episode of dumb TV, and then buckle down on some homework. I think we both also needed the break from one another.

The last few days it's been an all-out war. A bribing, yelling, sweet-talking, door slamming bloodbath. Finally today I've started to shift my focus from him sleeping to him playing quietly in his room for an hour or so. It hasn't been pretty. He's alternated between playing happily and body slamming the door while screaming "Mom! You makin' me so frustrated and so angry! Why you lock my door!" By the end of the day, I'm fried. I feel picked on and tired and grumpy with the person I love most, which I hate feeling.

The universe smiled kindly on me, though, and several good things happened in the last couple days. Over and over again I had to stop to appreciate that something really nice had happened, and actually, the really nice things were far outweighing the bad. Why is it so much easier to focus on the one frustrating thing instead of the great things?  So now, here's a list of the great things that happened in the last couple days:

1. I got am encouraging work email! I've started writing stories for as a little side gig and they liked a bunch of my February title pitches. That was so cool.
2. Passion Planner featured me as their Planner Crush Wednesday! I love my planner. You can find my planner posts on Instagram under #bransplans.
3. I got to help out in Joony's classroom with their Thursday Valentine's Day party. It was so fun to see him doing all their classroom songs and prayers and routines. He's grown so much from being at preschool.
4. I ordered myself a pizza and took a bath with a Lush bomb while David was at a basketball game. Alone in my house. Treat yo self 2016!
4. My visiting teacher texted out of the blue that she was bringing me dinner. Just because she is a really sweet person. Can you imagine? And it was a heart-shaped pizza. Cutest!
5. I got a really encouraging email from my department head about my thesis progress. Even though I knew it already, it was comforting to hear that it's normal to feel discouraged along with a reminder to relax and trust that inspiration will come. And it has! It has and it will and my thesis will be so good.
6. David surprised me with a big, fat, sexy date night. My parents took Joon for the night and we went to a fancy resort in Scottsdale for dinner AND A GONDOLA RIDE. What even is this life?!
7. My BFF Shpitty sent me a Sprinkles gift card for Galentine's Day. Girlfriends never stop being one of the biggest sources of happiness in my whole life.

Honestly, when it's listed out like this, I feel like such a dummy for thinking naps dropped was the worst thing in the world. My life is so filled with light and happiness and people looking out for me, I can handle it. Any of it. All of it! LET'S DO THIS, JOONY! And midterms, too...come at me!


  1. Listen, I know it feels heartbreaking to lose that nap. But, for real, it's better. When Edie did this, I thought my life was over, but then I reasoned that she still needed a buttload of sleep, so I started putting her to bed at 7. Like, in bed, lights out, at 7. And, as it turns out, it's the best thing in the world.

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