Thursday, February 4, 2016


Making: Piano music. Badly, and only sometimes when I have the time, but I got a piano for Christmas and I'm loving dusting off those old skills.
Cooking: Very little. Between being sick and trying to hammer out a thesis, my cooking energy level is non-existent.
Drinking: Diet Coke with limes like always, DUH.
Reading: Mainly Flash Fiction Forward...the textbook for my Flash Fiction class.
Wanting: All the new glasses! I want pink frames and half frames and clear frames and my prescription is so crazy that they always cost a fortune.
Looking: forward to this weekend, when I'm driving to Salt Lake to see some of my very favorite of whom is getting MARRIED on Saturday!
Eating: Trader Joe's cheesecake. On my 9th day of being sick, the day after David came home from 5 days in Georgia, I went to Trader Joe's and saw that sucker and thought "Yes. I've earned this."
Wishing: Arizona winter could last forever. It's cool and sometimes drizzly but sometimes quite warm. I could live like this forever.
Enjoying: David being home! Nothing like your husband leaving for 5 days to make you appreciate parenting (and living) as a team.
Loving: the Neko Atsume app. Am I the last person to this party? You get a virtual yard to fill with toys and food and cats come to visit. They thank you with fish, which you use to buy more food and toys. It's like Tomagotchi for iPhones.

Hoping: I'm able to make it out to Missouri for my graduation in May. I'm checking flight prices on the daily over here. I want to go so bad!
Needing: A "Stay in your bed FOR REAL" solution for Clark, Homeboy has gotten pretty creative with reasons to pop his head out at naptime. "I dust need to do a poot, mom, okay?"
Smelling: Nothing. I've had bronchitis for almost 2 weeks and I haven't smelled a thing the entire time.
Feeling: Better. Finally. The bronchitis I mentioned above really kicked my butt, though.
Wearing: A jacket! In Arizona it's been in the 40s a couple days and it's felt so good to pull a warm jacket on.
Watching: Happy Endings! I'm watching it on Hulu. I've heard it mentioned in passing before, but now that I'm watching it, how was I not watching it?! I swear everyone makes an appearance at some point in that show. Will I rewatch from the beginning as soon as I finish it? Maybe.
Bookmarking: All the random 90's movie and TV people I love over on my Tumblr.

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