Tuesday, January 12, 2016

the most dramatic journey yet

Are we all watching The Bachelor? I feel like everyone I follow online is either live-tweeting and posting recaps or going on and on about how they DO NOT watch it and omg-how-annoying-ugh. Well, I watch it and now I'm posting about it, so I suppose I'd fall into the former camp, but this isn't a recap or anything. This is about the fantasy league I just joined. The Bachelor fantasy league. I have a friend (who also does fantasy football, thank goodness) who set it up and we got a few fellow fans of the show and boom. We're in business.

SO. We started by scoping out the bios on ABC's website. We drafted our teams before the first episode, so the draft really happened on our first impressions and best guesses. There are 6 people in our league.. We did a random draft order and picked one by one until our 4-person teams were filled. Every time someone from our team gets a rose, we get a point. Having a contestant in the final 3 gets you 5 points, and having a contestant who gets a proposal gets you 10 points. The person with the most points at the end gets $5 from everyone else! Why am I so excited about this?? It makes Monday nights so fun!

OK, so this is Team Brandilyn:
So far so good. I walked away from the first cocktail party with 4 points and last night with 4 more. On fire! I initially wanted both twins on my team, but Haley got drafted before it was my turn to pick again. Dangit. Speaking of the twins, I have a side bet going with my friend who drafted Haley--$10 at Cheesecake Factory to the person whose twin lasts the longest. COME ON EMILY! I want that cheesecake.

Is anyone else doing Bachelor pools? Dave had a buck on LB in a pool at work, poor guy. ;)


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