Thursday, January 14, 2016


Historically, January has been a very transitional month for our family.

In 2015, we decided to move to Arizona and we pulled it off in about a month. A month! Job quit, Rexburg house listed for rent, Mesa lease signed, one month. My most vivid memory of that time is seeing this little blue house on Craigslist and knowing in my stomach that we would be living here. It hit me like a semi truck: that's going to be our house. We're leaving Idaho.

In 2014, we were closing on our first house, a beautiful townhome in Rexburg. Looking at these pictures made me so sad because I miss that house so much! It was perfect for us. I can still remember so clearly the excitement of walking through that clean, empty space and imagining it as our home.

In 2013, we were handing the keys over to the new owner of our little business, a clothing store called Panache that we opened all the way back in 2008 (just a month after we got married!). I remember walking into a Wells Fargo in Rigby, Idaho to close out our merchant checking account. I crunched through the snow back out to my car with tears streaming down my face. I wasn't sad, it just felt very, very surreal to close that chapter of our lives.

And now it's January 2016. The huge thing on my horizon is my MFA, which I'll be getting in March. March! This January feels transitional because I'm starting my very last quarter of school, probably ever. An MFA in Writing is a terminal degree, so unless I decide to pursue a Lit PhD or something (never say never!...but probably never), this is it. I'm trying to hit the ground running with my thesis, which will be a sizable collection of personal essays. This quarter will be a lot of writing and revising. It feels good to be embracing the transition...and to not be moving, ohmygoodness.


  1. all your warm weather posts make me want to up and move to Arizona this month also.

  2. Forever grateful for Panache because it brought us together when you said "I like your skirt!" from behind the counter. Forever happy you moved to AZ because it has made my life so bright!!!!!!

    1. Forever grateful for you for ten million IF Target trips and now AZ Target trips and ten million hours sitting and talking and just everything. I love you.

  3. + forever proud of my badass MFA friend!

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