Thursday, December 3, 2015

touch the earth

We spent last week house-sitting for my parents.  They have four horses and two dogs, so house-sitting includes feeding everyone, turning the horses out every day, scooping some poop, cuddling Duke (who is a very cuddly pit bull), and general stuff like collecting mail and watering plants and putting seed out for the wild birds.  It can be a little stressful because the drive is long and I always worry something will happen to one of the animals on my watch. I sometimes miss being at my house during the day, but I still love house-sitting.

I love that Joony doesn't ask to watch TV because he's busy running around the backyard and imagining and playing.  I love that he's covered in dirt by the time we get home in the evening.  I love that he knows all four horses by name.  I love that he isn't afraid of Duke and calls the dogs "babies" and "buddies" because he hears me doing it.  I love that he gets excited to fill the bird feeders.  I love the he (usually) naps soundly because he's been running around in the fresh air all morning. I love that he knows where my mom stocks the apple juice boxes before she leaves.

Mostly I love that being here makes his childhood look a little more like mine did.  That makes me happy.  Plus, I spent over six years wishing I lived close enough to my parents to see them whenever I wanted and it is!  They're here! How could I ever ask for anything more?!


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