Monday, December 28, 2015

make a joyful sound

I took down my Christmas decorations immediately after we got home from celebrating at my parent's house. I guess this is to be expected, taking into consideration that I decorated in early November. Tina is markedly disappointed that the Christmas tree is gone--even though it's an artificial one, she had this one particular branch that she spent hours chewing on. She's mourning the loss of her make out buddy. I'm excited, though! My living room feels sparse and open and clean now. I hung new art, swept and vacuumed, twirled around like Fraulein Maria, etc.

The processes behind Christmas decorations make me reflective.When I was pulling all of our holiday stuff out of boxes, I couldn't get over the fact that when I packed them up last year in Idaho we had no idea we'd be unpacking them in Arizona this year. I mean it--no idea. We'd been hoping to move to Arizona for years, but even then, 2 months before we moved, we didn't know how soon we would make it happen. It's been a year of transition and hard work and sunshine and I didn't fathom any of it in December 2014.
As I packed things up last night, my thoughts turned forward. I wondered where I would be unpacking Christmas decorations next year. Will we still be in this little blue rental house or will we have bought a home? We'll both have master's degrees, holy crap. I wondered where all of my siblings will be living at the end of 2016, if they'll all be happy and healthy. I worried that I'll be missing someone next year. I wondered what kind of 4 year old Clark will turn out to be, if he will still love Fireman Sam and dinosaurs and cinnamon applesauce.
I love this time in between Christmas and the New Year celebration. It somehow feels both content and purposeful, a post-holiday glow infused with goals and intentions for the new year. I thought I started my (FINAL!) quarter of school on the 4th and found out today I don't start until the 11th, so I'm extra smiley and making plans to spend my bonus week of break getting 2016 started on the right foot.


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  2. Really that wall is so good.

  3. Everything is looking very pretty and I am glad that you shared it here. We too wanted to book one of venues in NYC to celebrate New Year but all the venues were booked by mid-November. I was quite amazed to know this.


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