Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Uncommon Goods

We've been in our little blue house in Mesa for over six months now (how?! How has it been that long?) but we still feel like we're getting settled!  I'm no decorator/DIY-er, so every finished space in my house takes a million different tweaks before it feels just right.  One of my favorite things to add into my home is personal touches--the little things that tell a part of our story, like the tiny Buddha David bought in Chinatown the first time he visited the Bay Area and met my family, the hand-knit blanket my mom got us right after Clark was born to keep us cozy while he nursed, or the painting that Clark brought home from preschool framed in our living room.
One of my favorite places to find these sorts of personal touches for the home is Uncommon Goods (who are kindly sponsoring this post!).   They have all kinds of cozy touches for the home, be it yours or someone else's, and their company is truly ethical.  They sell only handmade, recycled, and organic products, limit the paper catalogs they send out (printing on recycled paper when they do), and let customers choose which non-profit their purchase helps support through their Better to Give program.  Their State Dish Towels are the exact kind of personal touch I'm talking about--something that tells a part of your story. We got the Rhode Island one for David's sister the year they moved! I also love the Dog Blueprint Pillows, which would be so adorable for someone crazy about their dog (the Pit Bull one would be so cute in my parent's house!).
In addition to personal and charming home decor, they have all kinds of gorgeous artwork and clever gifts.  David and I have purchased several gifts for family members from Uncommon Goods, including the Story of the Earth bracelet set for my mom's birthday (she still wears it!) and this clever Spark Plug Plane Paperweight for my father in law.  Needless to say, I'm stoked on Uncommon Goods.  Their products are gorgeous and their mission is inspiring.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely check them out! I've always loved your thoughtful and sentimental home decor!

  2. I got Lucas a sand landscapes thing as a gift from them for his desk at work, he loves it!

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