Monday, September 21, 2015

keeps my heart from growing older

Some Crap That's Happened Lately, None of Which Explains My Blogging Absence:

- Right now I'm finishing up a David Foster Wallace class and I am trying desperately to pretend to be smart enough to make worthwhile contributions.  I don't know if I'm succeeding.

- The other day I was making myself a sandwich for lunch and Tina was watching me (you know, as cats do).  She wasn't moving or making a peep until I pulled out the bag of deli turkey, when she started purring really loudly but otherwise didn't budge. I laughed for a really long time at that.  Alone, in my kitchen, out loud laughing.

- Being recently potty trained, Joony is fascinated by bodily functions.  He interviews me about every trip to the restroom, informs me of every flatulence, and spends hours considering when he will next go poop.  I'm 30% annoyed by the constant discussion of bowel movements, 70% hysterical with laughter over the way Joony says "I tuh-hooted!" (tooted) or "I got pooT," (poop) emphasis on the T sound.  Also, "Okay, I flush my poopoos! Bye bye poos, you go swim in the ocean!"

- Last week I showed up at the gym, went to the bathroom before class, and while washing my hands I looked in the mirror and realized my pants were on inside out. Great work.

- My bookshelf is overflowing!  I'm currently working on Why Not Me?, I Hate My Neck, Sick in the Head, Family Life, and Foxfire. The end of my semester cannot come soon enough. Ready to crack some spines!

- Speaking of, I'm finishing up my semester this week, the I get a week off, then I'm back at it again. In the fall I have an internship (!!) and one class, then in the winter I have my graduate thesis and one class, and then nothing. Graduation.  Life with an MFA in hand. How? How is it so close?


  1. How to convince your parents to buy you a designer dress?

  2. I feel you on wondering if you're making worthwhile contributions to class...I'm in a creative nonfiction class right meow and it's from 4:30-7pm on Mondays when I'm brain-dead and everyone has so much good stuff to share and I'm like "........." ah!!! GRAD SKOOL IS HARD.

    1. RIGHT?! With a lot of my classes I'm all over the message boards, but every now and then I feel like my contributions are like "Hmm...yes...I hadn't noticed that...very good." In other words...NOT helpful. Ha!

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