Monday, July 13, 2015

clark, three years and three months

I walked in on Joony messing with an antique table in my parent's bedroom:
"Hey, dude! Get out of here!"
Joony, turning to Duke the pitbull, who was sleeping peacefully in the corner:
"Yeah, Duke! You get outta here!"

On going to the dentist: "They spray water, and I haf new teeth!"

Narrating my Taco Bell dinner: "Oookay, mom haf taco.  Wow, good job, mom, you eat taco! Reeree good! Oh, and chips? And cheese? Woow. Mom eat chips. Mom eat cheese. Mom eat taco.  Eat food, all gone!"

When I say "I am SO proud of you!" after he uses the toilet: "Hey, mom! I fo proud of YOU!"

(While pulling a Corona out of my parent's refrigerator): "Look! Apple juice!"

He had an unfortunate accident when we didn't make it to the toilet in time.  As I was cleaning out his underpants, he walked over to Tina (our cat) and said "Hey, Tina! You come here and see my yucky poops, Tina.  Come and see! YUCK."

"Hey, mom! A tractor!"
"Wow, cool tractor!"
(shaking his head patiently) "No no, mom. Say 'Holy cow!'"
"Oh, okay. Holy cow!"
"Good job, mom."

Every single time we walk in the front door, after a big, satisfied sigh: "We home. Feels good, mom!"

On the human body: "Mom? I tooted and...I feel good!"

On a positive attitude: "I wake up, and I cry. I so sad! Then...I happy. And I so happy!"


  1. These silly conversations make me look forward to having kids someday! So cute.

  2. adorable- also love the pantless shopping trip. :]


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