Friday, May 1, 2015

now the future's sorted out

David always says that he isn't a very good gift giver, but he's wrong. He's a great gifter.

Our first married Valentine's Day, we were dirt poor college students and he remembered that I had admired a flannel shirt in the little boy's section at Wal Mart, so he got it for me along with a kitten notebook and a jar of my favorite salsa verde.  To date it's one of the best gifts I've ever been given.

On our second anniversary, he found a 1980's Schwinn on Craigslist, bought it, and fixed it up for me.  I rode it to and from campus a million times, and for my birthday a few years later he got me red tires for it.  Red!  Once Joony came along we hooked the trailer to it so we could ride around town together and that bike hauled me, Joony, and often our groceries for the week.

In June of last year, I'd applied to my master's program but hadn't been accepted yet.  I was a ball of nerves, convinced my writing sample was total crap and I would be receiving a "Thanks for applying, but..." letter any day.  My birthday came and I still hadn't heard anything.  When I opened a laptop from David, he shrugged and said simply "You'll need it, you know, for school.  For writing."  While it was a very practical gift (there's no way I could be doing this much writing on the iPad I was using before), it was also a deeply touching one.  Knowing that he believed in me, that he truly thought I would be accepted, made me feel so looked after and loved.
This year, I've just headed into my third semester of school.  I've been doing most of my homework and writing from our bed, which is comfortable but not very motivating.  On Monday night, he told me were headed to IKEA and we went and picked up a desk for Mother's Day!  It's the most perfect little nook for me to work in, and once again, I feel reminded that David believes in me and supports my goals.
And hey! A Flash Fiction piece I wrote for one of my classes last semester is in this month's issue of Foliate Oak. Check me out!


  1. I love getting gifts that that are so thoughtful and so that our special someone is listening and is so intuitive about us.
    Also Mysterious Incident of Dog in the Night time is one of my favorite books. are you reading it for a class?

    1. Yes! I'm in a YA Lit class this semester. I didn't love the first two books we read, but this is the third and I love it even more now than the first time I read it!! So good! Don't you just feel for Christopher? He is the sweetest.

  2. not to diminish how lovely and thoughtful those gifts are, but HEY LOOK! you got published!!!!!!!

  3. Finally catching up on your life! That short story is amazing, Bran! I loved it! And, Dave IS a fantastic gift giver. I remember that time you told me about how you caught him driving around town and and you called him and were like, where are you? And he was like, home. And you were so furious, come to find out he had been out getting you surprise flowers hahaha. I love that story, just classic Bran and Dave.


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