Thursday, May 14, 2015

I need you all in

Joony had a dentist appointment yesterday.  It was his first and I was really worried about how it would go, plus we had a good idea that he would need some work beyond a cleaning on his front two teeth.

Once I made the appointment, almost every day leading up to it I got reminders from the office.  In all, three texts and three phone calls.  It felt like overkill, so I might have walked in a little annoyed right off the bat.  After over 30 minutes of sitting in the waiting room, Joon came up with a pained look on his face.  " diaper.  Oh no, diaper..." These days he'll go a couple hours in between diaper changes, so I hadn't packed anything for it since we weren't planning on being out of the house that long.  Crap.  Literally.

"Hey, I'm so sorry, but I think we're going to need to reschedule and come back.  My son's got a diaper situation."
"Oh. I think they were just about to call you back."
"It's not really that, he's just...he's got a really messy diaper and I don't have a clean one on me."
"Well, when they do his exam, he'll sit in your lap while the doctor examines him.  So it's not really a big deal."  Wait...huh?
Just then we were called in.  The exam was only 5 minutes long, and he sat in my lap the whole time.  It was fast, but by the time it was done, we were both covered in poop.  It was soaking through my pant legs, it was all over Joony's shorts, it was...a disgusting mess. I felt horrible.  We went back out to the reception desk, they handed me a stack of papers with a $1800 estimate for 2 cavity fillings, and we were on our merry way.

The whole way home Joony cried, I tried not to cry, David texted a joke to cheer me up, I snapped back at him because this isn't funny, it was just my finest hour in parenting ever.  Sometimes I really, really wish raising kids looked like the advertisements. It just doesn't, though.  Most days it looks like poop all over my pants and my kid whimpering in the backseat and me chanting "I'm sorry, baby. I'm so sorry, we'll be home soon, I promise!"

So we got home, showered and in clean clothes, cuddled up on the bed to watch 15 minutes of Curious George before nap time, and suddenly I felt a little silly for all of the drama.  Because it is silly...but I also think it's okay to be a little dramatic when I'm covered in poop, right? Okay.


  1. pshhhh what are you talking about? raising kids is the easiest. GURRRRL JK. the last time i took Gemma to the dentist i forgot to clip my nursing tank back up after i fed Beau and Dr. Sun definitely saw my whole nipple.

  2. being covered in poop is no joke. I definitely would've cried, so #fistbump

  3. Amen to the drama of poop! I cry about it too... SO been there.

  4. If I was the receptionist. I would have totally let you go home and change, and I'm sure since it was a super quick (5 min) appointment he could have squeezed you in later.

    That was a major inconvenience. I wonder what happens when people can't get out of the chair to use the bathroom and/or alert the hygenist or the dentist in enough time..

    It would not only be humiliating to be sitting in your own poop but it wouldn't be hygenic, and frankly that's just not right.

  5. Oh gosh. Nobody can maintain equanimity covered in poop.


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