Wednesday, March 4, 2015

you can always be found

We made it!  One very, very long day of driving, one very, very long day without water in the house, and a few very, very long days of unpacking...we live here.  We keep joking that we feel like we just crawled out of a hole.  We walk into a Super Target or a Trader Joe's and our eyes get wide and we start frantically grabbing things off the shelves before we remember...we live here now.  We can come shop any time we want.

So this is a little house tour post--well, just my living room and kitchen.  David and Joony are napping right now, but the house was mostly tidy so I grabbed my camera and went with it.  We signed a lease on this little patio home without ever seeing it, which was risky, but we moved so quickly!  We had reliable sources saying the neighborhood was good and we chatted with the landlords and whatever, we moved in.  The carpets (in the bedrooms--the main areas are tiled) were gross and the place is a little scuffed up but I really love it.  It's the first time we've been in a home-home with no shared walls (the house we bought in Rexburg is a town home) AND we have a little patio backyard.  It's been so, so fun to enjoy this gorgeous weather* and go on walks and have windows open.  We had dinner with my family on Sunday night, a first for us since we've been married!  We live near family!

I always preface any kind of house tour with this disclaimer but...this is so not a "Lookit mai DIYz err'body!" post.  I love pictures of our old apartments and houses and remembering what it was like to live there, so I keep posting pictures of my same stuff in different spaces.  I've never painted a room, never really crafted anything special, never bought spiffy things to show off.  I don't have an eye for design, I just like cozy spaces filled with things that make me happy.  So here is our cozy space filled with things that make us happy:

 Color coding my books! What?! I usually sort by topic, but I left 3/4 of my library in storage and since they're out in the living room I thought this would be fun. And I was right! I love it.
 While my mom was visiting we tackled a washi art project on the main wall in the living room.  I'm so happy with it!  It's fun and colorful and maybe a little southwestern, so perfect for right now.

 Ah, old kitchen cabinets.  And I baked cupcakes last night, so aren't I just the fanciest! ;)
 I freaking LOVE having a window looking out into our backyard, and my father in law got us a hummingbird feeder so now I can watch the birds come and go (and Tina can yell at them from her perch on the windowsill).

Not bad, right? I was actually very pleased with how quickly we got unpacked. It seemed to take months to get settled in our last house.  This will be a great little place for us while we get situated here in Mesa and start to think about house hunting.  Huzzah!

*My goal with this move: not become one of those people who won't. shut. up. about how warm their home is during winter months when everyone is talking about snow. Fingers crossed


  1. Happy to read such a happy post about moving! Congrats on getting cozy somewhere so wonderfully warm!

  2. Cheers to a new start! Also, I totally have a big ol' shelf of color coordinated books. It makes me realize I have lots of blue books. Is that what attracted me to them in the first place? It's an interesting thought.

  3. I always love your little home tour posts. They make me feel closer to you. I always want to do one and then I'm like "as soon as I finish _____. ...As soon as I fill that blank wall..." and now I'm sad that I don't have these little memories like you do.


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