Friday, March 27, 2015

when that sun goes down

Part two of our house tour! The REVEAL of the bedrooms, I know you've been dying to see. Stay calm, guys. The time is now!

The master bedroom (insert uncomfortable joke about magic happening):

 Don't mind my stack of clothes ready for eBay...lots of staging happening in these photos, you guys! Lots of staging.

(still so freaking proud of that dresser even though now I want to put legs on it maybe?)

...and here's Joony's room!  His is always one of my favorite places in the house.  It's filled with the things that make him happy and we spend so much time in here building train tracks and cooking in his play kitchen

...and that's our little Arizona house!  There's another bedroom and two bathrooms, but those aren't being included in this tour because the bedroom is Dave's office/storage and the bathrooms are...well, bathrooms, you know? Like you've seen a toilet and an Ikea shower curtain before, right?


  1. OMG I was just thinking: when is B going to REVEAL her bedrooms to us?! All I think about are B's bedrooms! You were so selfish to make me wait this long.
    Seriously though your little Arizona house is adorable and I want to sleep on an air mattress in that shiz and build trians with Joon and stay up way too late talking to you. Miss your face.

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