Monday, March 9, 2015

so no one told you...

OKAY.  Do you watch Friends?  I love it.  I love it so much.  The acting is cheesy, the clothes are so dated, some of the jokes are over the top, but I love it.  We never had TV growing up, but I somehow decided to start collecting the Friends DVDs and watching them out of order as I'd get each season...and then again in the correct order, and then multiple times since then.  I love Friends.  So now, I have collected my favorite episodes by character, and then by couple, and then overall, so that all this time I've spent watching Friends (or having it playing in the background while I do housework/homework) isn't a waste! ...just kidding, it's still a waste.  It's on Netflix as of the beginning of this year, so of course I watched it AGAIN from start to finish.  HERE IS MY WISDOM! (As Joey would say, "I am very wisdomous.")

Best Rachel episode: The One With the Videotape (Top 5!)
OH my gosh, I love this episode so much.  It might be my favorite of the whole series.  Ross and Rachel argue over who came onto whom, and it turns out it's all on videotape and there's the amazing hiking in Italy story. The writing here is just so good, too.

Best Monica episode: The One That Could Have Been
Monica in a fat suit! And she's so funny and sweet, and her and Chandler are still so cute together, and everyone is just hamming it up.

Best Phoebe episode: The One Where Everyone Finds Out (Top 5!)
Okay, so everyone starts finding out Chandler and Monica are dating, and to mess with them, Rachel and Phoebe come up with a plan for Phoebe to start hitting on Chandler. It's ridiculous and Phoebe is so, so, SO funny in it. "I'll use the best tool at my sexuality."
Best Chandler episode: The One With All the Thanksgivings
Another flashback episode, so of course it's awesome because any opportunity to see Monica in a fat suit is golden.  BUT we also get to see Chandler call Monica fat in the 80's, then profess his love to her in the present day.

Best Joey episode: The One With the Jam (Top 5!)
Joey breaks his arm by jumping on the bed (?) and Monica makes a ton of jam, and Joey eats a lot of jam and just has some really adorable one-liners. "Remember when you were a kid...and your mom would drop you off at the movie theater with a jar of jam and a spoon?"
(**close second: The One Where Joey Dates Rachel. Joey is so sweet and charming and obviously there's this whole Ross/Rachel series arc blah blah blah but a little part of me wanted it to work out with him and Rachel! Joey is just the sweetest)

Best Ross episode: The One With Unagi
Ross tries to convince Phoebe and Rachel that they don't have "unagi," total awareness needed to defend themselves at anytime.  Everyone makes fun of Ross because unagi means salmon skin roll.

Best Ross & Rachel episode: The One With the Prom Video (Top 5!)
Rachel with a huge nose! Flashback episodes are my favorite and I adore watching college Ross win over present-day Rachel.

Best Monica & Chandler episode: The One With the Birth Mother
Monica & Chandler go to meet a potential birth mother (Anna Faris!), who thinks they're a doctor and a reverend because of a mix up (which is REALLY funny because the case worker is played by Jim O'Heir, who is Jerry on Parks & Rec, so he messes things up no matter what show he's on).  Monica pretending to be a reverend is hilarious, but there's also an insanely sweet moment at the end.  "I love my wife more than anything in this world. And kills me that I can't give her a baby.  I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes, I'll learn how to be a good dad. But my wife...she's already there. " TEARS.

Best Phoebe & Mike episode: The One With Princess Consuela
"If you need an easy way to remember it, just think of a bag of crap." Ugh, I love these two. Also, their wedding episode is the cutest.  I wish Phoebe and Mike had more screen time overall.

Best Everyone Episodes: The One Where No One's Ready (Top 5!)
The best bottle episode EVER. Really, maybe the best episode of Friends ever?  Monica's all paranoid, Joey and Chandler are arguing, Phoebe gets the hummus, Ross is impatient, Rachel can't decide what to's all the best things about everyone.

The One With the Embryos
Monica and Rachel go up against Chandler and Joey to see who knows the others best, they do it game show style, and Ross puts it on.  Also, Phoebe gets artificially inseminated with her brother's babies. Pretty much everyone is hilarious in this one.

Now tell me your favorite episodes/moments/characters!  What did I leave out?


  1. Fun fact: Right before The One with the Jam, Matt Le Blanc broke his arm, hence the bizarre, off-screen, Joey falling off the bed thing. They had to script the broken arm in and I guess that was the best they could come up with at short notice.

    I have the DVD boxset of Friends and I've seen most episodes many, many times.

  2. I LOVE Friends! My sisters and I have it all pretty much memorized and quote it constantly. You can't ever forget Princess Consuela Bananahammock and Crap Bag.


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