Tuesday, March 31, 2015

baby, you light up my world

Here's another edition of the funny things Clarkjoon says lately...which, again, might only be funny to me because I live with him and seeing his thought processes is my very favorite thing. He is almost three! Two has been really hard for me, I don't think I've been shy about saying that on here, but I'm hopeful three will be better.  Three has to be better. Despite the condescending "Just you wait!" threenager crowd, I'm hopeful.  We're communicating better, the tantrums are...manageable, and I feel like I'm enjoying him more. That might just be because I got so tired of feeling so defeated and being so hard on myself, you know? It's draining to be that way.  I've been trying really hard to enjoy Joony and to focus on the fun we've had at the end of each day instead of mulling over the hard parts.  It's working.  Some days it feels a bit like a marriage, doesn't it?  Choosing to love someone, seeing them do frustrating things, living with their habits, but knowing that the bigger picture is so much more important than those little details.  But then he'll ask for "sheepy night-night," which is when we cuddle up and talk about our day before he goes to bed, and it's all easy.
Well, that was a tangent.  Here's some quotable Clark, age two-almost-three:

"Mom, I need a cupcake."
"Um...I don't think so, buddy."
"Mom, I need cheese crackers."
"Sorry, dude! Not right now."
"Mom...I need food!"

"Hi, big Joony!"
"Hi, big Mommy!"

"Good night, big Joony."
"Good night, big Mommy."
"I love you, baby."
"I BIG love you, Mommy!"
When David tried to tickle him during Curious George time: "Not funhee, Dad."

While trying to get him to try swimming in a life jacket without holding onto us: "Not cool, Dad! Not. cool."

After hitting me and getting into huge trouble, he ran into the kitchen and returned a second later with a Diet Coke in hand.  After a big sigh, he said "Mom need a fo-dink." (fo-dink = soda drink)

Watching David attach our new shower head and test the seal by spraying water out of the hose attachment, while giggling: "Daddy go peepee."

After I say "Oh, crap" or "Dang it!" or "Freaking A" or anything that hints at frustration/fear/negative emotion: "You okay, mom?" "Yep! I'm fine!" ....."You okay, mom?" "Yes! 100%." ... "You arright, mom?" (repeated for 20-30 minutes)
Sitting in the front seat of the truck (airbags turned off, DUH):
Me: "I like riding in the car with you!"
Him: *super fake laugh* "No, mom. We ride in the TRUCK."

When he sees something cool in the store: "I take it home?"
When he sees an ambulance/garbage truck/policeman/dump truck/mixer: "Follow him, mom."

I love you more than anything in the world, Joonybugs.


  1. "Not. Cool."
    Hahaha! What an awesome kid. Come move next door to me forever.

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