Monday, February 9, 2015

totally free

This morning Joony woke up grumpier than grumpier than grumpy. He was...really grumpy.  I decided a miniature road trip was in order, asked him if he wanted to get dressed so we could go have some fun, and he burst into tears. Oy.  Anyways, we hopped on the highway and headed for Ashton.  We saw a sign for coffee, pie, and free wifi, so we stopped hoping they would have hot chocolate and sugar cookies too and...success! We had ourselves a little date then continued on up the road to Warm River, which is where we go feed the massive fish every time we have family in town.  Tossing bread into the river and watching it get snatched up is a lot of fun, but the real winner is always the drive.  It's scenic and beautiful and so, so peaceful.  I brought the big camera and tried not to tear up too much.  It's very strange to be entering the "lasts" of our time here...David's last Monday at his job, our last drive to Warm River...well, anyways, here are the pictures. I might frame one in our new Mesa house to remind me how beautiful Idaho winters are when I get homesick.

It was unusually warm for a February day, so we even cracked the windows for a while on the drive home and enjoyed the mountain air.  We were listening to a Mumford & Sons CD (my favorite for driving) and Joony got a big smile at one point and said "Mom...a song? Yeah."  I asked if he liked this song and he grinned and said "Oh yeah...reeree good!" Time together outside was just what we needed today.


  1. I love the photo of the snowy road. I miss Idaho almost daily. A ton of the photos I have in my house are of Idaho and they make me less homesick for that funny place.

    But get here already.

  2. I love the grumpy Joon in the car selfie and then the happy Joon feeding fish haha! You're such a good mama

  3. I am happy for you to embark on your new adventure... but I will miss you in book club!! I was sad when you moved to Rexburg, but since I still got to see you in book club (Sweet Six baby) I was okay with it. :) You'll do amazing things though!! Good luck.

    1. SWEET SIX! Hahahaha! I will miss you guys so much and I'm so sad I've missed the last few events--it's just been a hectic 2015 here!

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