Thursday, February 19, 2015

I scream it to the nothingness

1. Joony is totally weirded out. He's clingy, whiny, confused, and I don't blame him one bit.  Every time we ask him about the move to Arizona he says "Ayzona? NO. No Ayzona, Mom." We're working on it.
2. Tina is weirded out.  She creeps around the boxes, chews on the cardboard, and is simultaneously clingy and distant. Stay sharp, Teen! Soon we will need a scorpion hunter!
3. Moving mid-semester sucks.  We're trying to stay on top of school work and packing and cleaning and being decently attentive parents and inevitably something slips through the cracks on any given day.
4. Dave putting his two weeks in three weeks before we leave was the best decision ever.  It's so nice to have time together and to share the packing workload.
5. I'm trying to embrace the chaos of a house in progress: all the stuff that can't get tossed into boxes is on the counters, piles of clothes for the next week on the bedroom floor, our garage slowly filling with boxes and furniture...I've morphed into a kind of neat freak over the last year or two (who am I?!) and my inner Monica Geller is having a heart attack.
6. My routine is all off. I have a very specific nap time routine and I thrive on it. I put Joony down, I tidy the living room, I make lunch, and I sit down to eat it while I do nothing else but watch bad TV.  I crave the quiet time, but when there is so much to be done, it hardly seems practical to spend a chunk of time being a vegetable.  It's silly, but I miss the quiet nap hours to myself.
7. HOW DO WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF? We have donated so much stuff and still...there is a lot of stuff.
8. I'm a sentimental mess, ready to burst into tears at any given moment.  I've started saying good-byes and I'm spending way too much time crying.  It is so, so strange to be so sad and so excited at the time time.
9. How am I leaving Rexburg?! I never thought I would leave this town, really, I didn't.
10. I keep reminding myself, over and over and over again, that home isn't this town or this house, it's David and Joony and even Tina. I'm not leaving home, I'm bringing home with me, it's going to be okay, EVERYBODY JUST STAY CALM ALLRIGHT.
11. Tomorrow Joony and I head to Salt Lake, Saturday morning David meets up with us with the UHaul and we drive the rest of the way.  In less than three days we will be in Arizona.  THREE. ARIZONA.
12. I wish I was a graceful mover, like I wish I had a cute bandanna holding stray curls off my face and oversized but charming work clothes...instead I'm working with a Gene Simmons bun, smeary mascara, no bra, dirty feet from walking in and out of the garage, and sweaty armpits.
11. I really shouldn't be blogging right now, you know?  I should be packing my kitchen. Send good vibes. See you guys in Arizona.


  1. all the good vibes! I put up a post on Monday about moving cross country, and even just dredging up memories for the post made me all sweaty. fly and drive safely!!

  2. Good luck!! We just moved with a toddler and baby and it was an experience to say the least :) She still brings up driving in the big truck (uhaul) 3 months later :)

  3. Something seemed missing - what happened to Carmen? I moved with my dog and two cats last year and it adventure.

  4. It'll all be so worth it once you're there! Good luck and have fun! :)

  5. Good luck!! I hope it all goes well and you love your new adventure. PS - I just went to Soda Vine with my sister this last weekend (per your recommendation) and I loved it. :)

  6. go B + company! cheers to new adventures!


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