Friday, January 16, 2015

you're gonna sing the words wrong

8 Things I Love Right Now:
1. Uptown Funk, Riptide, and Your Lips Are Moving. High school Brandilyn would be so embarrassed and annoyed by how top 40 I am right now.

2. Homemade brownies.  I used this recipe and they're every bit as good as that blog post says. Secret ingredient though: I chopped up a coffee crunch dark chocolate bar and mixed that in with 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips. Mmm. I delivered 75% of the pan to a friend so I wouldn't eat them all myself in one sitting.

3. Spark's No Preservatives class. I won a spot in the class in an Instagram giveaway (I AM THE LUCKIEST!) and it has been so much fun this week!  The Spark blog is a new favorite, and the class is just as thoughtful and inspiring as you would expect. I am so impressed by these women.
4. My Passion Planner. I have always been a paper planner person.  David has his stuff all on his desktop and phone, but I need a physical, paper copy.  I did their Use It Free option, getting it printed and bound at our local copy shop.  It's been fantastic and I have both our family agenda/meal plan in the same place as my school assignments (last year I was using separate planners).
5. Frost. Rexburg was a frosty little wonderland this week and just driving around on our daily errands was so beautiful.
6. Library time!  Joon and I get so sick of each other when we stay cooped up inside all day.  It's nice to have a free activity to entertain us--we check out the 5 different fish tanks (including the "ssh fish" in the quiet section), play with the toys in the kid section, and choose a few new books to bring home.
7. Vaseline...for my face. You guys, this is how dry Idaho is.  At night I wash and moisturize as normal, and then add a layer of Vaseline overnight. It's made such a big difference. It doesn't make me break out, since I'm putting it over clean skin, it just helps with the dragon lady dryness.

8. Jamba Juice's Citrus Kick juice.  It has ginger so it's got that little kick and it's so good. If I was a bajillionaire I'd get one every morning, but right now I get it like once a week. Maybe. It's $5! That's the cost of 3ish dirty Dr. Peppers.


  1. I like the banana stickers in your planner.

  2. Your town looks like a magical wonderland covered in snow! So pretty. I love paper planners, too. I don't think I will ever get rid of one. They're oddly comforting.

  3. I'm picturing your face lathered in vaseline all shiny and it's making me giggle.


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