Wednesday, January 14, 2015

your lips are moving

And now...another round of things my kid says! I think these are mostly funny to me because I've seen him evolve from a cute blob on my floor into a person with opinions and world views that are different from mine...he's a human being, you know? Like that's weird. Anyways, some little gems from recent days:

Going up the stairs: "Hey! Ow! MOVE!"
("Ow" = Meow = Cat = Tina)

Me: "Eat your mac and cheese, buddy!"
Him: "NO, Mom. No cheese."
Me: "If you eat your mac and cheese, we can get a cookie while we're out."
Him: "A shoo cookie?" (sugar cookie)
Me: "Sure. Now eat your mac and cheese."
Him: "NO."
Me: "Okay then, it's time to go and we can't get a cookie."
Him: "Mom! Mac and cheese! PLEASE."
--10 minutes pass, no mac and cheese gets eaten--
Me: "All right dude, we're leaving."
Him: "Oooh, a shoo cookie?"
Me: :::head explodes:::

After I opened the door for him at the post office, or do the self check out at the grocery store, or clean out Tina's litter box, or change a light bulb: "Good job, mom!"

Looking at a tractor picture: "Wow...tractor reeree cool, huh Dad?"

Passing the laundry room, where Tina was crunching on her dry food:
"Ow eat?  Ow eat crackers.  Good job, Ow. Good crackers."

Uses the palm of his hand as a cell phone, dials a number, and holds it up to his ear:
"Dad? Oh, hi dad! I frow train...and mama NO! NO, baby! And uh oh. Oh, no."


  1. This gave me such a chuckle! I love it.

  2. The real reason we have kids is so they can follow us around like tiny, personal motivational speakers.
    "Good job!"


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