Thursday, January 1, 2015

let love grow

1. I found out about a trampoline gym in Idaho Falls, and we went with my sister and niece, then again when my mom was in town.  You wouldn't believe the nap Clark takes after an hour jumping around.

2. He asked me to take his picture. What a ham.

3. Clark got a train table for Christmas! He loves all of his train tracks, and he also loves an empty table to push cars around and sort tractors.  I love taking a picture of his room every few months so I can look back and see how it's changed.  It's not all sparse and wooden and pretty, but it's filled with things he loves, which makes me happy to be in there.

4. Tina got a Kitty Cot for Christmas. Like kitty cat...but kitty cOt? Oh my gosh. She loves it. It's suctioned to the window!

5. Getting pulled around on a river raft after an insane snow storm. I think he wore both David and my dad out shrieking and laughing and loving his snowy life.

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