Monday, December 15, 2014

sugar sugar

 Tina's special box perch on the kitchen table

 Waiting for them to bake/cool

I'm trying to be better about including Clark in household chores and activities.  He's usually pretty content to play Hot Wheels while I work, and I get things done quickly that way, but he lights up when I remember to include him.  It ends up taking 10x as long (I could have whipped these cookies out in an hour or so on my own), but watching him carefully measure out a million quarter cups of flour was so sweet. He even helped wipe down the counters and tidy up afterwards!  What a pal.  I like this recipe for imitation Swig sugar cookies, although it's a bit frustrating that the frosting measurements aren't exact--it's hard for me to get it just right every time.  Joony loves his "shoo cookies" and is so proud he got to be a part of the baking process.


  1. I cannot wait to enjoy joony's cooking skills next week!! These look amazing!

  2. I hear you about including little ones. Too often I get in my own little world. I LOVE baking, and doing it on my own in the kitchen while I listen to a book on tape (and the kids play) is one of my favorite things of all. But, when I include them, we all have fun and make memories. So... it's a balance, and I'm afraid I'm too heavy on the ALONE side right now. :)

  3. Do you still have Carmen?

    1. Hey, Anon! Carmen isn't with us anymore. It was a very emotional situation for our family, so I chose not to post about it. Right now Tina is our only furbaby!


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