Thursday, November 13, 2014

you've cat to be kitten me right meow

The newest Haynes family member:
Tina the kitten!
She also goes by: Teen-teen, Teeny Tina, Kitten Cat, Kitty Purry, Fat Lard, and Smitten Kitten.We love nicknames.

This has been almost seven years in the making. Seven!  Every few months, I find a kitten up for adoption that my heart just beats faster for.  I email David pictures in the middle of his work day, I beg, I promise things, I try so hard to make it happen, and every time we just can't reach a compromise.  For 5.5 years, the problem was that we were renting, but we own now.  We own this dang house, and if we decide we want a cat in it, we can make that happen!

So. I saw this adorable little tortoiseshell dreamboat of a kitten on Craigslist.  Something in me knew she would be the most perfect little addition.  David and I spent a date night talking in circles, him worrying about allergies and litter boxes and claws scratching furniture, and me swearing up and down that he would enjoy a kitten so much more than he thought he would.  I started to feel hopeless, but then...then a compromise was reached.  We did it!  Sometimes marriage is just like that.  You think you'll never understand one another, and then you accidentally find a compromise that makes you both go "Oh...I could do that!"

Our compromise was a trial week.  If David's allergies went bananas, if the sofa got shredded, if there was cat pee anywhere outside of that litter box, it was a no go.  She had to be perfect.  Luckily, the cutest lady was looking for a home and was willing to work with our unusual trial run.  When she brought the kitten over, I was so nervous.  I gave her a stern talking-to.  "There's a lot riding on you right now! You better keep your crap together, sister!"  Oh my gosh, you guys, she totally did though.  She's a dream!  She barely sheds.  Litter box is no sweat.  She got brave enough to come out from under the couch and she pounced and raced around for Dave, and then cuddled and purred for me.

Long story long, she stays.  She is the best, sweetest, most adorable little Teen-teen that ever lived...too bad I gave up my Cats & Cardigans identity, amiright? Whatever. The weirdo creep of a cat lady in me is so busy rubbing my napping kitty's belly to even care about anything but her drooly kitten purrs.

Oh! And the Joony verdict: he's obsessed, she's terrified.  He follows her slowly around the living room, arm outstretched, meowing, while she scoots away, terrified.  It's hilarious. When I'm holding her and he pets her, though, he's so gentle.  He loves her! I think he's just too loud and quick for her liking right now.  We'll get there.

I HAVE A CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. YAY!!! Teeny Tina is such a sweetheart!! I just wanna squeeze her face and tell her how pretty she is. What a doll. We're fostering Remus right now and he is a lap cat to the max but he and Athena are fighting as we speak (ugh) I think he's just too big for her. :(

  2. She's so cute! How does Carmen feel about the new addition?

    1. Unfortunately, Carmen isn't with us any more. It's not something I've addressed on the blog because I just get too emotional about it. We are so happy to have a pet running around our house again, though.

    2. I am so sorry if something awful happened to Carmen- That is the absolute worst feeling in the world- and the only way to make your heart not hurt quite so much is to fill that space with another pet, I am SO happy you were able to do that :]

  3. Ahhh congrats!!! I love cats soooo much and am jealous you have one. Does David typically have allergic reactions to cats? My husband does and I can't belive my life will be lived without a cat in the house

    1. He does! I think he has more severe reactions to some cats than others. Tina doesn't have a very thick coat, and it's short, so she's very easy on his allergies--he doesn't even mind when she hops up on our bed! Other cats (it seems to be fluffier/long-haired ones) give him a runny nose and itchy eyes. My best friend just got a kitten that's me if you want more info on that, I can connect the two of you!


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