Monday, November 17, 2014

we sing it proudly

Ten Things I Am Deeply Happy About:

1. We decorated for Christmas! David had been getting blue about the col weather, and he said this cheered him up. The blanket of snow outside made it feel like just the right time for holiday cheer.

2. Tina sleeps on her back and lets me rub her belly while she purrs and sleep! Cat bellies are scientifically proven to be one of the best things on the planet.  I love having her snuggled up to my lap while I do homework and/or watch Broad City.

3. Lemon Zucchini bread, which makes my kitchen smell am.a.zing. I baked it twice in less than a week to wrap up and give as gifts to friends. It seems like a summer recipe, but really, when in the year is lemony zucchini bread a bad idea?

4. Next semester's textbooks! I'm taking a David Sedaris class, a Women and Poetry class, and a Flash Fiction class.


5. Babies to shop for! Is there anything better than heading into Target with a newborn or a one year old or a niece to shop for? I had to talk myself out of spending over $50 on a Frozen costume and a massive stuffed snow man (Olaf? I think?) to send to my niecey-poo for her second birthday.

6. Amy Poehler's book Yes Please.  I'm listening to the audio book, which isn't usually how I read books, but the digital consortium that I'm subscribed to only had the audio version.  Well, I'm blown away. I've laughed, I've sobbed, I've just felt like Amy's best friend as she tells me about her life while I drive around town.  You have to read this book...and if you can, you should listen to it.  Bonus! There's a chapter written AND READ BY Seth Meyers, and he is the funniest.

7. Visiting teachers. They come to my house and laugh with me and pray for me and it makes me feel so loved and looked after.

8. Clark's Halloween costume (still).  These pictures of him as the littlest construction worker make me smile every time I click through them.

9. Date nights in.  Both of us being loaded up with homework means that we can't spend all night partying on the town like we used to (read: dinner at Applebee's and a movie, because Rexburg).  Instead, we make dinner, crack a bottle of Martinelli's (sexy sexy!) and watch an episode of Jimmy Fallon before retiring to our offices for homework time.  It's actually really nice and I daresay we appreciate the time together more now because we're both so busy.

10. My laptop screen cracked (not happy), so I'm sharing the desktop with David, and it has dual monitors. Dual monitors are my spirit animal.  There is so much space for all the tabs and documents and Pandora stations!  I feel free as a dang bird with dual monitors.


  1. Dare nights in are some of my favorites - weirdly trivial pursuits has been our go to game. Nerd alert. Excited for your sedaris class!!

  2. I think I saw "Not that kind of girl" on your blog a while ago and I just finished it - and LOVED it! Thanks for mentioning Amy Poehler's book - I didn't even know she had one! I'm so excited to give it a try. Thanks for the book suggestions!!!

  3. A David Sedaris CLASS?! So jealous.

  4. Brandilyn, I have no idea if you know who I am, but I was in Hepner's class when you were his TA and you read one of my pieces and gave me such a good critique that I've been (shamelessly) reading your blog ever since. I say shamelessly because I'm really not ashamed, I love your blog. There, I said it. So I've been wondering about the MFA program you just started and if you're doing it online? Since I graduated a year or so ago I've been thinking about getting my MFA, but since life has put us in Oklahoma, my chances for a reputable program are pretty slim. If you feel obliged to give any free advice/info/rants/raves about your program that be ahhmazing and I would owe you big time. p.s. Sorry if you still have no clue who I am, I don't mean to be such a creeper:/

    1. WHAT?! I am so happy you read along and that you commented! I miss being a TA so much. I just loved it...I wish I could still do it. Like I would probably work for free. OK so my degree is 100% online! You have to email me and we can chat, I have so much to say about it and I can tell you about applying and what my workload looks like, etc. There are loads of schools that do low-residency programs, so you would only need to be on campus for 1-2 weeks every semester, so that's definitely an option worth researching. Everyone I talked to recommended low-residency programs, but with my current situation and being in Rexburg, it just wasn't an option so online has been the perfect thing for me. I'm's chat! Thank you again for commenting, not at all creepy. I love reconnecting/meeting new people through this online space.

  5. Uhm, I would go back to school if it meant discussing David Sedaris and Women in Poetry. Maybe you could send me your class assignments? :-) Also, do you think listening to Amy Poehler while working out would work? Because I kinda wanna do that :)

    1. YES! She's laugh-out-loud funny and honest and she'll make you feel POWERFUL. Totally listen while you work out!

  6. Great! I have told you before but it hate running! & now it's too cold out so to the gym it is! & I really dread it so Amy will make new feel better!


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