Tuesday, November 11, 2014

kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats

The first snow in Idaho always feels magical.  I do all the things you do in inclement weather: put on my cozy slipper socks, pour a mug of something warm and comforting, play soft music in the background as I make a pot of soup.  Every year I gaze out the window and think that the place I live is so beautiful, so serene, so separated from big city hustle.  I think that this year will be different.  This year I will remember to enjoy the snow all winter long.  I will bundle up and enjoy the crisp, clean winter air smell.  I will find creative things to do inside with Clarkjoon and savor each and every day.

As soon as Christmas is over, though, I'm done being poetic about the snow and how it sits so perfectly on tree branches.  It turns grey and slushy and icy and every year, at least once, I slip and fall flat on my back and curse the very ground I walk on while the air is knocked clean out of me.

All of October was beautiful here--sun shining, park weather, cool breeze.  We got a whole bonus month of Idaho's famous summer and I don't think Joon and I spent enough of it outside, but we still appreciated it.  We went trick or treating in tee shirts! Unheard of.  It was wonderful.  The minute it turned into November, though, our luck ran out and it turned cold.  Clark keeps bringing me his shoes and asking to go walk outside, and I've bundled him up a few times to go push his tractor around in the dirt, but after a minute or two his fingers and nose turn pink and I worry about the ebolas floating around (just kidding, I worry about frost bite and colds).

Last night, David and I got all gloomy.  Our forecast shows winter is moving in fast tonight--it'll be Idaho winter by the end of the week, and we both felt like we weren't ready for the heaters and the layers and the indoor activities.  David worried starting his MBA program back in September stole two dirt biking months from him (it totally did), and this morning the first layer of snow had fallen.

The thing is, though, I'm still smitten with the cold. You guys, I really think this year will be different! I have school to keep me motivated during the winter months, Joony understands more than he did last year and we have gymnastics class and library trips, we have a kitten joining our family (I'm talking an actual feline kitten, I'm not using a cutesy euphemism to hint at a pregnancy here), this could be it!  This could be the year I actually fall in love with the winter! All signs are pointing to me waltzing around my kitchen and humming Winter Wonderland (but not Baby, It's Cold Outside because the Scrooge in me cannot ignore how creepy and rape-y that song is) while my Teccino brews.  I'll keep you posted.  This is it.


  1. Let me know your secret if this is it for you. I have been trying so hard the past couple winters and I just... I just.... I'm a summer girl with her birthday stuck tragically in November.

  2. My goal this year is to plan fun winter things so I don't hate it so much. I'm going to go sledding with my husband and go snowshoeing with my dog!

  3. I moved from the southeast to the northeast 7 years ago and every year has been a little bit more "it" for me when it's time for snow. My heart feels so full when I think about that amazing, crisp smell of cold in the air just before it snows, tiny apartments that feel so big with the joy of friends and how sometimes, when it's so cold it takes your breath away, it feels a little more like a dream than torture. One of my absolute favorite winter activities is going for a walk at night when it's snowing. Busy streets are abandoned, the world is quiet, everything is glowing from the streetlights reflecting off the snow. It's a magic like none other. I hope this year is it for you!


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