Tuesday, October 28, 2014

that's how it works

Five Things I Love Lately:

1. Fall TV! Mindy Project is back (FAVORITE FAVORITE EVERY EPISODE FAVORITE), New Girl is back (what are we thinking about it this season? It went downhill FAST last season, but it might be getting better?), Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back (I love anything Andy Samberg does, Hot Rod being #1 on that list). It's such a happy time for my Hulu queue and my nap/lunch time chill sesh.

2. I submitted my first workshop pieces yesterday, and you guys, the other students are saying nice things so far! I wrote one thing about Halloween and one thing about weaning-induced depression and both were so scary to post.  It's always so intimidating to share art, isn't it?  "Oh, here's a piece of my soul.  It's honest and vulnerable and I'm looking forward to your criticisms, strangers!"

3. OBVIOUSLY I'm about to blog about Taylor Swift's new album. Bought that puppy the day it dropped and haven't stopped listening. Clarkjoon loves "Welcome to New York" and does the funniest arm-twist dance when it comes on.  I love "How You Get The Girl."

4. Seeker of Happiness tote bags. Not the first time I've gushed about Carrie's awesome bags, but I'm going to do it again...because I use these babies for everything, and the latest ones she sent me are EVEN BIGGER than before. What?! Short list of occasions I use SOH bags on:
- Grocery shopping. Who needs a side eye when they go to the Natural Grocer because they forgot their reusable bags? Not me. And these ones even make the occasionally grumpy cashiers smile!
- Super Saturday! I'm on the Relief Society (women's group) activities committee in my church, and we recently held a craft afternoon. I had, to understate it, so. much. crap. to transport from my house to the church gym. Tote bags to the rescue! I even put my laptop in one, straps held up great, boom.
- Library time...because Joon insists on bringing home every single book with a train, plane, car, truck, or tractor that he can get his chubby mitts on. My purse alone doesn't cut it on library days.
- Trick or treating! Huzzah! Joony refuses to put a costume on this year, so I think we're going to be that kind of lame family showing up in regular clothes like, "Just give him some candy, he doesn't quite get Halloween yet." At least he'll have an awesome tote to make up for his lack of costume and, most likely, refusal to say anything on command...which will probably include "Trick or treat!"

5. Grapes. My best healthy eating tip: pull all your grapes off their stems, wash them, and put them in a big bowl in the refrigerator.  It cuts down on "HOLYCOW I'M SO HUNGRY I'LL EAT THE NEXT THING MY HANDS TOUCH" potato chip consumption because I can eat a handful of grapes while I think about what healthy thing I should be eating. Just call me your resident health food expert, mmkay.


  1. Totally took the grape advice thing! I'm not home most of the day but its nice to have them ready to plop in some snack bags to have throughout the day!

  2. I drove my happy little self right to Target to buy 1989 the day it came out, too! Deluxe edition, of course. Anddd I maybe also grabbed a magazine she was on the cover of while I was standing in the check out line. Loving the sassy new attitude she has in these songs. "How You Get The Girl" is always stuck in my head - love it so good.

  3. boy look so pretty and that child clothes is awesome. :)


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