Wednesday, October 8, 2014

my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

Some pictures of some stuff I've been up to lately:

 David is turning 30 on the 14th! We started the celebration on October 1, though, because I'm just the best wife ever.  Our refrigerator is now a shrine to the fun he's had, with love notes from his best friends and family, and our calendar has a fun treat, gift, or activity to do every day.  Because anyone who kisses that well should be celebrated for at LEAST two weeks.
 I got a student planner, two days into my graduate education.  I swear, every time I went to submit an assignment I started sweating buckets and getting so panicky. Anxiety rearing her ugly head and all that.  Anyways, a planner always helps me relax, prioritize, and slay assignments.  I just wish I could find one that lasted, like, two years instead of one school year (which is shorter than one calendar year).
 I got Lena's book! I usually buy my books for $0.01 on Amazon, but when an author I love comes out with something, I pay full price so everybody gets a piece of the pie. For you, Lena, I will pay full price.
 I joined the Dollar Shave Club! My Gilettes were just too dang expensive.  I loved them, but it's the sad truth. $6/month, four blades, plus I get mail.  I really love getting mail.
 My parents came to spend a weekend with us, and they brought Trader Joe's goodies! South African style chips and butterscotch caramels, OHMYGOSH. I don't know why Rexburg doesn't have a TJ's. I could keep them in business all by my lonesome.
 ...and even bigger than snack food, my parents brought this room divider that I always had in my room growing up and now it's in my living room! Doesn't my house look fantastically sophisticated now? I rearranged my wall art and I love how it looks.
BOOM, loving life.

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  1. Your house looks fabulous! I love your style... send some my way. And, can you believe I've never been to Trader Joe's? I know, I live in a hole. Love the birthday tribute to Dave - you ARE amazing. :)


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