Friday, September 19, 2014

we beat to the same drum

I start school over a month behind David, so I'm trying to enjoy having time in the evenings to bake and watch Desperate Housewives and read instead of feeling cranky because he's busy with homework.  An overview of those things I've filled my evenings with:
  • So far I've baked: a sugar cookie cake, Swig sugar cookies (AGAIN), my mom's chocolate pudding graham crust thing, Oreo truffles, and lemon cloud my freshman 15 is happening a good month before classes start. Huzzah! 
  • I'm 3 seasons into Desperate Housewives. I'm such an intellectual! HA. So far I've counted: 2 suicides (and 2 fake suicide attempts), 3 homicides, 2 B&E's, a secret teenage love child, 2 houses burned down, 1 statutory rape, 1 hit and run (resulting in a coma + amnesia), 1 dead body in a freezer, 2 basement prisoners, and a grocery store shooting. HOW DO PEOPLE STILL LIVE ON WISTERIA LANE? MOVE! And why am I still watching? Every soap opera cliche is right there. 
  • And then books. This month I've read Silver Linings Playbook, Orange is the New Black, Where'd You Go Bernadette, and right now I'm working on Astronaut Wives Club with Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close on deck. I got my Goodreads account up and current, so add me on there if you can dig it!
Have I mentioned my insane giveaway luck? I have insane giveaway luck. Hands down my biggest win is $1,000 (not a typo, seriously that much) to Gemvara from Little Green Notebook. CRAAAAAZY! I got the prettiest rose gold band to stack behind my wedding ring (which also looks so classic by itself if I want a lower profile) and two dainty necklaces that I'm stoooooooked to layer for Fall/every day for the rest of my life. I maybe had too much fun trying to decide what to get since you can customize everything they have on that site. So many options.

Joony started gymnastics! I've been so excited and counting down the days and planning how great it would be to get him around other kids his age and get us OUT of the house, especially as the weather turns cold. Well, our first class was not ideal. It was a disaster. While the other little cherubs were stomping like elephants and buzzing like bees and being cooperative and adorable, my son was sprinting around the gym screaming, "NO! Mom, NO! NONONONO!" I was sweating and speaking through clenched teeth and bribing with donuts and it was just...well, it was life with a two year old. The teacher was so patient and sweet and gave a little pep talk at the end about how this age group is still figuring out structured learning time and interacting with others and they'd do better as the 12-week session progressed. I could have kissed her, she was so kind.  After class, I took Joon on a donut date, because that's what my mom did every week when we had gymnastics classes growing up...and because I needed a little caffeine/chocolate boost after that class.

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  1. Speaking through clenched teeth. Oh my gosh. You speak to me.


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