Monday, September 29, 2014

two years and six months

While he doesn't talk quite as much as other kids his age, Clarkjoon is starting to string together some pretty funny phrases.  I've always enjoyed interacting with him, but lately it's reached a new level of funny.  I always love posts about the funny things blogger kids say, so here's mine (which will hopefully someday be as funny as Julia Styles):
"Joon, say 'ambulance.'"
"Okay, say 'am.'" "Am."
"Bu." "Bu."
"Lance." "Lance."
"Ambulance!" "Am-poo-goya!"

(He's basically Joey Tribiani)

The teller at the drive-thru subtly asked if it was allright for her to give Joon a Dumdum.  When I nodded, she looked over at Joony and said, "Hi, there! Would you like a sucker?" Joony's jaw dropped open and he placed his hand over his eyes, laughing and saying, "Oh, my! Oh, thank you, thank you! Oh, my!"

"Your friend Livvy is coming tomorrow! Can you say Livvy?"
"Yeah! Caca."
" Li...vvy."

"Do you love your mommy?"

"You love cheese?"
(Laughs) "Yeah."
"Cheese and mommy?"
"No. Cheese."
And an update on our gymnastics class: last week, Joony scored an early exit by decking one of his peers right in the face! That's right, he's just a shining example of kindness and love and we couldn't be more proud. He did master excellent bunny jumping though, so good news there?  All morning I'd been telling him we were getting donuts after class, and he was heartbroken when I explained to him that we couldn't this week because he hadn't been very kind.  We have this week off for spud harvest, which I am going to talk about now because when I first moved to Idaho I thought it was a joke.  Instead of spring break, schools in Idaho get 1-2 weeks off in the fall during spud harvest so kids can help their parents harvest their crops.  We even have a break from gymnastics class.  This is Idaho, we grow and eat and love potatoes. 


  1. hahahahah!!! JOONY! he's so funny. texting you a youtube link right now that reminds me of this. xo! also, Gemma hits everyone. so, you're not alone.

  2. My husband and I are thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter and I would love to hear about your experience with Carmen (whether good or bad).

    1. Hey, Kimmie! I'd love to chat dogs!! We LOVE Carm and have opinions about shelters (both good and bad). Email me!

  3. Haha! "Say Je m'appelle Claude" . Such a good reference! Haha this is too good!

  4. Hi Brandilyn, I love these posts. Oh, Joey! Btw, you wrote a while ago that you like to sell your clothes on eBay. I've been thinking of doing that... Any tips?

    1. Yes! #1 tip is to download the eBay can take pictures with your phone, then upload them directly, and it makes posting like 10x faster and easier. Plus, you get a "chaCHING!" tone when someone bids on your stuff, which is kind of fun. Good luck!!

  5. As always - you crack me up. :) I love this post. I love the hilarious things kids say. I wish I was better at documenting them.


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