Wednesday, September 3, 2014

flo rida

We spent last week in Daytona Beach, Florida with Dave's family!  We were mere feet from the ocean, we got David to ourselves for ELEVEN days, it was just the best. Here is post one of twelve about our trip! I kid, I kid. Here's the highlight reel.

- Beach time every morning, followed immediately by pool time, followed immediately by shower time, followed immediately by nap time. It was the best routine. Joony loved filling his dump truck with sand and then dumping it into the water, and Dave and I took turns playing in the waves. I had never swam in warm ocean water before! It was a dream.

- An eco boat tour! We saw manatees and dolphins, one of our co-passengers flicked his cigarette into the ocean (cue red face emoji), Joon napped the whole was so nice and relaxing.

- Not one sunburn on my fair self! That is a vacation success in my book. I also read Silver Linings Playbook, which was most excellent. Definitely recommend. 

- Our belated 6th anniversary celebration! Joony had a sleepover with Dave's parents and we checked into the Black Dolphin Inn in New Smyrna Beach, which was just the prettiest B&B you've ever seen.  We did an adventure rope/zipline course in the treetops, got dinner at the Garlic, and spotted dolphins from the private dock right on the water. Heaven. Also, we slept through the second B of B& we ate at Denny's. We're the lamest. But it was just the miniature romantic getaway we needed.

- Amazing food. We all took turns cooking dinner, and then also went out once or twice. I don't think we had one meal the whole week that was anything less than excellent (with Dave's steak grilling, as always, being at the top of my list).

- Family time--the whole point of the trip! Joon hadn't even met his aunts or cousins on David's side (and he's 2.5! Shame!) so it was so, so cool to all get together and admire each other's families and joke and make new memories together.

- Miserable travel days. It's a 4 hour tour from Rexburg to SLC, then flights and layovers across the country, then 90 minutes from Orlando to Daytona...everyone was DONE by the end of those travel days. We didn't get back into Rexburg until 3am, and Joon was awake at 7 ready to greet all his toys. And I got a cold. No thanks.

So now we're home, it's September, David has started his MBA and I'm starting my MFA few weeks after him, and there are lots of cookies to be baked. Huzzah! It was the perfect end to the perfect summer (even though I kind of feel like it's still summer a little bit).


  1. What a magical little time! Jealous of the manatees though. I really REALLY love manatees.

  2. Looks like you all had a great Time! When I think of Florida I think of Horrible Humidity Yuck! haha

  3. So so jealous! That looks incredible. You look so great on the beach with your family.

  4. Sounds so fun minus the hellish travel. Glad the Haynes got a vaycay!


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