Thursday, August 21, 2014


Embarrassing Things I Have Done on the Internet:

Thank goodness this list includes no nudie pictures, just really dumb teenage Brandilynisms. I did have a cell phone for most of high school (for my birthday my mom took me to the mall kiosk and I got to pick out one with a clear case that lit up neon pink and green and blue when someone called. I also got one of those charms to hang off the top--it was probably a bedazzled skull and crossbones or something), but obviously it wasn't a smart phone--it was a black and white screen, had like 5 ringtones to choose from, and the only game was snake. The only time I had access to the internet was at night, once my homework was done. Here's a little look at some of my WWW highlights, inspired by this hilarious and sweet post I read this morning that prompted a flashback. For reference, I graduated high school in 2007.
MySpace profile picture circa 2006

+ AOL chat rooms. I had one of those AOL kid's accounts, so my access to the internet was limited (smart parents), but I found this "i L0v3 H0r$E$" room that I spent hours in. When other pre-teens were asking "A/S/L?" I was saying, "So what breed is your favorite? I just love Thoroughbreds...but also Oldenburgs, I can't decide!"

+ AIM. I know some high schools were all about MSN messenger or whatever, but mine was AIM. My screen names included DustyTheFlamingo (that was my horse's name and my favorite animal), MangoJello (I'm, like, so random and funny, guys!), and BrandilynIsHungry (that one I still think is kind of funny).

+ Using AIM to ask the friends of the guy my best friend liked if he liked my best friend, and then chatting with her while she asked the friends of the guy I liked if he liked me. And then if you liked each other...sometimes you would chat directly. And oh man, was that romance. "What are you listening to?" "Fall Out Boy. You?" "All American Rejects. Swing swing!"

+ AIM let you have this profile area, and I always filled mine with different emo song lyrics and inside jokes. "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier." I mean, obviously you're not a soldier, Brandilyn. You're in high school.

+ MYSPACE! I loved MySpace. I would find free backgrounds, agonize over what to make my headline say, search Photobucket for interesting pictures, and look up HTML coding stuff on AskJeeves so I could change the spacing and font in my About Me section. I also always did those surveys with obscure questions that got posted to the bulletin board. "Orange juice or apple juice? Orange. Extra pulp." Fascinating. Everyone will care about this.
Another MySpace favorite--taken for a friend's photography project. On film, because that's how we were still rolling, at least in the classroom. Note the heavy black eyeliner and the side bang, which I still have.

Anything to add? If you were a few years ahead of me I know it was all about the pagers and pager code. My sister was all over that, and I was always so impressed and jealous.


  1. Before AIM I would email the boy I liked from EFY on my Juno account. REFRESH! REFRESH! OMG! HE WROTE BACK!
    I didn't get Myspace until college and I'm so glad. My desperate-for-unique-identity teenage self could not have handled social meda

  2. Also, that heavy bang man. 2006 was your year.

  3. (Did my other comment not go through?) It explained that I 100% just jacked your aol username because it made me LOLOLOL and I decided to forgo my late name on twitter (because I'm suuuch a celeb these days.) Don't hate me.

  4. Ask Jeeves!! I'm in tears LOL


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