Monday, July 21, 2014

you can go your own way

I always remember my mother running.  Before I was born, she ran in road races almost every Sunday, and on days where she was grumpy or impatient she'd tell us it was because she hadn't gotten her miles in that morning.  She always had a stack of Saucony boxes in her closet because she needed a new pair every six months, so she stocked up when they were on sale at Big 5.

I tried to run track in middle school, but I was painfully slow and preferred my horseback time to my track time.  Then, the winter after Joony was born, I started legging up for a February 10K in Phoenix. I ran that thing so dang slow, but I finished, and then promptly stopped running again.  It's disappointing how fast I lose my lung and leg strength--even a week off kills my mojo. So I didn't run for almost 18 months after that race, and whenever someone asked me about it I was all, "Oh, running sucks. It's just not for me. Blaaaaah running I hate it." Then one day I just hopped on the treadmill and I ran a little bit (actually, a lot a bit--4.5 miles!).  I've kept at it, and some days I even enjoy it!  I set a goal for myself since signing up for a race is such a motivator. Plus, in Phoenix, running past cheering crowds and being around a supportive community of runners was such a blast. I loved it.
Sidebar about the running community--it is so cool how supportive everyone is. I'm sure there are snooty people who want to know your mile times and stuff, but for the most part everyone's just excited to have other runners out on the road with them.  I think that's really neat.  Sometimes I high five other runners when we're on a steep hill, and like 85% of the time, I get a smile every time.
This is from when we drove up to Ashton and checked out the course for the race! So pretty, right?

I'm planning on running the Mesa Falls Half Marathon at the end of August.  My mile times are so slow that maybe you would think I'm walking, not huffing and puffing my asthmatic way through it?  But I'm covering my distances, I'm getting stronger, loving it.  Everyone that I've mentioned the Mesa Falls Half to says it's got a nasty uphill climb, and sure enough, the website says miles 4-6 are killer. I've been training on our town's steepest hill (W 7th up to the temple if you're local!) and nothing feels better than getting to the top of that beast and looking back down at the climb I just did.  I texted my mom the other day for a shameless pat on the back request and she said, "Doesn't if feel so good to do something you thought only tough people could do?"  That's exactly how it feels.
I blogged about running stuff I use and love, although these days I'm mostly just all about my Wal Mart shorty shorts and this app that tracks me via GPS and tells me how far and how fast I ran (plus, it gives me little medals when I PR and I like that). Also my fanny pack and that is not a joke, I run with an orange fanny pack.  Wednesday is my 7 mile run this week! Wish me luck.  And then get out and join me on the road!  Also tell me what songs you're working out to, my playlist right now is maybe 45 minutes long and I'm starting to get tired of those songs.


  1. I tried running a couple years ago & it didn't go over very well. I gave running a second chance last year; this time I was hooked. Love the running community. I've completed 3 half marathons & now I'm beginning to train for my 1st marathon in December. Good luck with your half. Looks like a beautiful course. I probably sound like a crazy person, but I've grown to love hills!!!

  2. People always think it's weird but I love running to Nickelcreek and classical piano pieces.

  3. Are you a fan of Michael Franti? His music has such good energy...and it's so happy! It's perfect for running or working out in general. These are some good ones (old and new) to check out if you're unfamiliar: Everybody Ona Move, Hello Bonjour, Is Love Enough, The Sound of Sunshine, Say Hey (I Love You), I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like), 11.59, Closer to You, and Let it Go. Enjoy! :)

    1. You're the best! I will check those out for sure. I'm in desperate need of more music--I'm hitting 8 miles next week and dreading the same 10 songs on repeat.


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