Thursday, July 10, 2014

if you can dig it

Here's some crap I'm totally digging right now.

Three favorite social medias:
++ Eliza and I became pen pals on a blog pen pal match up a year or two ago, and now we send Christmas packages and text message and snap chat and, well, she's just the coolest (also, her and her husband are probably the cutest couple alive. Well, tied. They're tied with Jim and Pam).
++ Meredith's outfit/thrifting/book club Instagram.  Probably the only blogger who wears clothes I can afford? Then also she looks classy and colorful and amazingly bleach blondy and she's so funny. #girlcrush
++ Aidy Bryant's Twitter. She's one of my SNL favorites. My favorite recent tweet: "My boyfriend farts so loud and sweats so much but he my angel." I laugh every time I read it.

Three favorite beauty products:
++ It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In. Full disclosure: I only pay like $10 for this because I have a membership at CosmoProf, which you can only shop at if you're a cosmetologist, and we used to own a hair salon. So I get crazy cheap product.  But I love this and it smells amazing.
++ After Party by Bed Head. They have this at Target, and when I let my hair air dry, it smooths the frizz so I don't look as rumpled terrifying.
++ Twinkle Eyebrow Razors. I barely use these for my eyebrows. I use them for the rest of my face, and if you think that's gross then you're in denial because we all have facial hair and even though mine is blonde I still want it gone.

Three favorite songs I run to:
++Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga. I turn it on when I'm feeling like puking, visualize the final stretch of my half marathon (David drove me to Ashton on Sunday so I could actually see where I'll finish!), and get some adrenaline going.
++Really Don't Care, Demi Lovato. I'm very Top 40 with workout tunes. It has to be peppy or I just can't.
++Pumping Blood, NONONO. "It's your heart, it's alive, it's pumping blood." Gets me all jazzed.
**Suggestions more than welcome here. I always need good music, especially now that my runs are getting longer**
Workout selfie! Burns more calories!

Three favorite books:
++The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. by Adelle Waldman.  I'm about halfway in and it's pretty good so far!
++MOTHERs by Rachel Zucker.  Just the review of this in the New Yorker was so good I ripped it out to save. Being  mom is a complex and beautiful and frustrating thing and I love when women write about it well.
++Family Life by Akhil Sharma. This is actually on my to-read list.  David Sedaris recommended it and read us an excerpt and it was really good.

Three favorite summer snacks:
++ Cupbop, which Shpitty and I call Yobagoya, which is so good.
++ Protein milkshake: a sliced/frozen banana, a cup of vanilla almond milk, a pinch of cocoa powder, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a shake of PB2 (or just peanut/almond butter), and a couple cashews. Maybe ice if you're feeling it. Chocolate peanut butter protein milkshake, BOOM, it hits the spot after a run.
++This sugar cookie recipe. I made them right before we had company one night and each person ate like 6, and then they left and I still had maybe a dozen? So I ate those, too. So good your head will fall off.

Three favorite tops online:
++ I actually did buy this feminist tee shirt, because it's true and it's cute, and now I'm obsessively tracking the shipping because I can't wait to wear it.
++ $8 baseball tees at F21. Are baseball tees still cool? I want one in every color.  Mostly the green/grey.
++This gorgeous rash guard at Albion Fit. We're going to Florida next month and I sunburn in mere minutes, so having this at the beach would be a fantastic peace of mind. But $70 is like, ha, only in my dreams.

**No affiliate links were harmed in the making of this post (I mean used, I just linked straight to Amazon. No kickbacks fo me).


  1. I ran the mesa falls half marathon a few years ago and it is GORGEOUS! That's the nice thing about this race is you can distract yourself with the beauty everywhere. Idaho is my fav.

  2. Sister, please! Find the fabric and I'll make you that rashie in an hour. 70 bone. .. robbery

  3. Ummmmmm I am obsessed with you. You're adorable. And hilarious. And I like you a whole awful lot. And baseball shirts? Always in. xo

    1. WELL, my cutest pen pal internet-turned-real-life bestie, the feeling is mutual. Also I'm so happy you're on SnapChat!!!

  4. A couple of my latest playlist additions are Kongos "Come with me now" & Avicii "Hey Brother". I'm always listening for songs with a steady beat; those seem to keep my pace steady. Surprisingly, a lot of new country songs make my playlist.


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