Wednesday, July 23, 2014

i will share your road

Last week at a church activity, I mentioned to a couple women that I'd been getting outside with Clark as much as possible this summer.  I find that all winter long I say, "Oh, once it warms up, we'll be outside all day! We'll never be bored!" ...but then summer hits and we don't spend as much time outside as I imagine all 8 months of Idaho winter.  One person told me about a hike just 15-20 minutes away that would be perfect for a little guy, and it sounded so nice, I loaded Joon and Carm up and headed right out.

Getting a toddler and a dog all loaded up felt like such a process--getting towels all tucked and situated in the backseat since I wanted to let Carmen play in the creek, making sure I had inhalators and water bottles and snacks and diapers packed, dousing sunscreen and then bug spray, gosh.  Once Joony and Carmen were settled in the backseat and I climbed into the front seat, I felt like I'd run a marathon. That is, of course, when I heard a tiny two year old voice: "Mama? Poopoo."  "Did you do a poop?"  "Yeah." Right.  Go figure.

Anyways, it was well worth the hassle!  We got to hike a loop that was just over a mile, had a creek for Carmen to swim in, just enough incline to give us an incredible view, and lots of rocks for inspecting and throwing. Oh, and I got to strengthen my chicken arms because Joon wanted to be carried half the way--which I honestly didn't mind, he never asks to be held anymore and I loved that sweaty little blonde head on my shoulder.

I found the community of hikers to be just as friendly as the running community.  Everyone we passed stopped to pet Carmen, ask how Joony was enjoying the hike, or comment on the weather. It was fantastic! Carmen even got to meet (/spaz out over) some new dog friends.
 You don't know happy until you see this dog in water. She. Loves. Water.

Can you believe we live here? Idaho is so beautiful, I won't ever stop saying it.


  1. What a pretty view! My pup is the same about our local creek. I've never seen a dog with a bigger smile than when she's sprawled out, belly down in the water trying to eat the ripples she's just made!

  2. We haven't hiked as much as I thought we would have this summer either. I blame part of that on the fact that one of my kids can't walk and the one that can wants to be held too and I only have so many hands.
    We've been in our yard though so that counts?

    Also, I wish I had a dog as cute as Carmen to take along :)


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