Sunday, June 15, 2014

i stretched my hands out to the sky

Last week really knocked me on my butt.  I've been counting down to my sister and niece visiting for a few months, had planned all these really fun activities and imagined the cousins giggling and playing while us sisters chatted and cooked, you know...the sister visit dream.  The second day they were here, though, Joony came down with a nasty fever that just never broke.  Three visits to the doctor (and three co-pays, oh my gosh, make it stop) unveiled, one at a time, double ear infections and early stage pneumonia and nasty infected tonsils.  It will be no surprise to you when I say my kid was miserable.  Couldn't sleep, nothing made him happy, wanted to be cuddled by mom and only mom for a week solid.  The week my sister and nieceypoo were here.  I felt so guilty trying to juggle a distraught baby and company, despite Danielle being 100% gracious and understanding about the whole situation.  I will note, selfishly, that my birthday was right in the middle of the week.  Joony had the flu over Mother's Day and this conglomeration of maladies over my birthday so okay, yeah, I pouted a little...although an afternoon massage with Danielle and a late night dinner out with David helped considerably. I'm not saying the whole visit sucked, of course it didn't--it was wonderful, in fact!--it just left me feeling like what just happened? once it was over and Joon started feeling like himself again.

A whole separate issue this week was the one I addressed in my last post.  Maybe I'm too tired to even write tactfully or gracefully about this, but it's feeling like leaving the LDS church is becoming the trendy thing to do.  I get it, it's not for everyone.  A majority of the people I love most in this world aren't LDS, so it's not like I'm freaking out because omg-we-can't-friends-anymore.  I just don't get the immediate need to start bashing a religion you were just immersed in--actually, doctrinal discussion I get. Big time.  I enjoy it!  But the bashing of people, that's what gets me.  I've been feeling bogged down and sad by it all, I guess that's what I'm saying.

Today is Sunday and I'm making goals and hitting the reset button for the next week.  Clark has perked up big time, it rained today, I scaled my Twitter time waaaay down, I'm planning and budgeting a week of great meals, all will be well in my universe.  See?  I'm not a Negative Nancy.  Not all the time, anyways.

I guess I'll end this post of complaints with this picture of the massive birthday feast my sister and I spent two days preparing--homemade bagel dogs and pretzels, deviled eggs, party punch, a cat cake, spinach dip, it was everything.  Oh, and one of those cute cousins at the splash pad in the few minutes they played happily!

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  1. What a stressful week! I hate when that crap happens.
    Also, I totally feel you on the trendiness of leaving the LDS church. No eloquence needed.
    I was going to say my favorite part of this post was the cat cake but then I saw that picture of the babies at the splash pad and changed my mind.


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