Thursday, May 22, 2014

there's an endless road to rediscover

Last year felt very long.  Even the summer, which we typically savor in Idaho, felt long because I didn't feel like myself.  This year, as I've been coming back into my own and feeling happy and safe and hopeful, the days have been speeding up and everything feels brand new.  Clarkjoon is a boy overnight and the warm air feels sweeter on my bare arms and I've been cooking up a storm.  We spent yesterday outside and everyone slept well last night because of it.
 The stunning backdrop of construction right in front of our house.  Soon it'll be this beautiful little neighborhood with huge trees in the front yards.  Right now, though, we wake up with our house rattling from their tractors and listen to nail guns all day long.  Clark's in heaven, I'm....excited for how cute it's all going to be once it's finished.
 Telling me all about the tractors and trucks and construction.
 Carm-poo is the best Carmsie that ever lived. She is so patient and good and sweet, Joony adores his "Marmen."  Marmen tolerates him because she knows he's non-negotiable in this family package.

 My mom mailed me this meditating cat statue in a huge box and I love him now.
 Look at his new tiny faux-Birks! They are the perfect summer kid sandal, easy to slip on and velcro and comfortable. His mischievous little grin slays me.
 Sliced strawberries with orange zest...
...and homemade whipped cream with fresh vanilla beans scraped in. Whoa.

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