Thursday, May 15, 2014

sunny daze

10 Reasons This Summer is Going to Kick A
(a blog post for Brooke, who said I don't blog enough)
1. Megan's here and living with us for the summer semester.  A friend that HAS to listen to my dumb jokes because she has no escape because she lives here? I mean...dream come true. Her butt's dream come true.
2. Mountain Dew's Baja Blast is available to buy, not just at Taco Bell, but everywhere!  Just for this summer! I bought a whole flat.
3. David Sedaris is coming to a bookstore a mere three hours from me at the end of June.  If you don't think I cried when I found out then you don't know me at all, do you? I'm rereading all of my favorites from his collection...let me correct myself, I'm rereading his entire collection.
4. I've been writing non-stop as I get ready to apply to Creative Writing programs and it feels amazing.
5. I'm turning 25! I love birthdays. L O V E birthdays. I'm throwing myself a party, classy broad that I am.
6. OK so Grace blogged about the best post-partum pants ever. I think 2 years puts me in the "chubby" category more than the "just had a baby!" one but whatever, flattering jeans? I'm in. So I'm hunting around eBay and Amazon because I'm not paying Gap prices for Old Navy quality (you KNOW they're made in the same place!), and I find a pair for $12 on ThredUp. SCORE. But then, miracle of miracles, a couple people must have used a referral link I posted maybe a million years ago and I had enough shop credit to get them fo FREE. So having free, cute jeans all summer, that's a Summer 2014 bonus.
7. Carmen is in our family! Park trips and car rides and morning walks are approximately 55x more fun with the happiest dog on the planet tagging along.
8. My sister and niecey poo will be here for a week in June, including my birthday, not even lying.
9. Rexburg summer. It's the same every year, but it gets a mention because it's the best and makes me fall in love with Idaho all over again every single year, and Joony is all about that park life right now.
10. This is the bullet point for the most superficial sources of excitement: I think my hair is going to be the perfect clavicle-grazing length by the end of the summer, and I found the best bluepurple (blurple?) nail polish ever. Sally Hansen Insta Dri In Prompt Blue. Maybe Smurf/Avatar, but I'm singing that song.

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  1. I agree that you don't blog enough - your blog is one of my favorites! :) I hope you'll share more about your MFA journey. I'm kind of thinking about applying to MFA programs myself...


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