Thursday, May 8, 2014

rainy day greys

 shoes: Cushe giveaway win on Francesca's blog; jeans: H&M; sweatshirt: PINK; vest: thrift store
Did I steal like 50% of my outfit from Megan's closet? Yes...yes I did.  Because what's the point of having your best friend move in for a semester if you can't shoplift rockstar jeans and PINK zip-ups from their closets? I mean, okay, she's hilarious and nice and fun to have around, so there are bonuses aside from her closet. But the top happiest moments of my life are like 1. wedding, 2. baby, 3. realizing Meg and I wear the same jean size and I can steal her pants.

1. I get ridiculously excited for David's Wednesdays off.  Today, we got dog food, groceries, and then Korean BBQ for it's not even like we do super thrilling things, I just enjoy his company and so does Joony.
2. Yesterday, Joony scraped his knee, I sat him on the kitchen counter to clean it up, knocked over a half-full water bottle right next to my iPad and iPhone (which had Pandora playing), the chicken I was cooking boiled over right then, and the commotion made Carmen start pacing around my feet in the kitchen while Joony wailed.  Just in case you were wondering about the worst 30 seconds of my week.
3. I'm starting to seriously doubt myself as a writer, even though I know I could be great, and I'm so frustrated by it and overwhelmed by the grad school application process.  Onward.

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