Saturday, May 31, 2014

let's bump the beats till beddy-bye

Clark's been cuddly lately and I've been way too excited about it.  He usually doesn't have time for a hug or a hair comb, but lately when I ask, "Do you want to come cuddle with mom for a minute?" he says, "Yyyeah."  I can't even handle it.  Anyways, this morning I turned on Cars 2 for him just because I knew he'd lay on my chest and watch it for a while.  It was bliss.  It did, however, leave me feeling like we should get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine before nap time, so we loaded up the bike and trailer and peaced out.
 This little park isn't as well known as some of the newer ones in our town, so we usually have the place to ourselves.  Summer success story.
 Little treasure collection gifts!
 Both my bike and the trailer, which completely disassembles and lays flat, hang up high on hooks in our garage.  I joked on Instagram that 50% of the workout is just getting this rig all down and hooked up.
And from earlier in the morning, Carmen sunbathing nude in the field across the street from our house.  We both love the morning routine of playing fetch out there, although I think soon the weeds will be too overgrown.  As it is we are constantly losing tennis balls out there.

Once home, I put Joons down for a nap and took a long, quiet shower.  Little things, right? It's shaping up to be the best Saturday if only David didn't have to work weekends!

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  1. "carmen sunbathing nude" i just can't stop laughing!!!!!


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