Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Every morning, I wake up at 7:30 to take Carmen outside.  I always wish I had another 20 minutes or 2 hours to snooze, but I roll out of bed and into my workout gear to go run around the field across the street from our house.  As soon as Carmen is doing those funny dog circles around the living room, and those funny dog morning stretches on the front lawn, I'm so happy to be awake.  Dog happiness is so contagious.

From there, our morning consists of breakfast and Curious George and morning pages (I'm trying to get into the swing of The Artist's Way, anyone else out there doing morning pages and artist dates?) and working out.  I love the Blogilates videos, but I've started muting them because, well, it's a bit too much chatter for my mornings. I prefer my own playlist, my candle, my open window, my Joony chatter in the background.

We take a shower once I'm done working out, usually after starting a load of laundry, and Joony knows as soon as he's in a diaper that I'll let him play on the iPad while I get ready if he asks so nicely.  He gets all propped up in our bed, three pillows and blankets, and watches a couple YouTube videos of Supercross races and RC helicopter demos (I'm serious) while I blow dry my bangs.

Yesterday, I popped downstairs to get an artichoke started for lunch.  They take almost an hour to steam, so I have to think ahead.  As I was cutting the top off my choke, it occurred to me that Joony was upstairs, unsupervised, while I did something downstairs.  It was a two minute jaunt, but I wasn't worried about him.  I realized that just a few months ago, I couldn't do that, I would be too worried he'd roll off the bed or fall down the stairs or stick his fingers in the electric sockets.  It felt like a weird milestone, this sliver of independence for us both.  As a mom, the days tend to creep by so slowly, and sometimes it feels like he'll be a toddler forever.  When it hits me that he's changed, he's grown, and it's actually happening quite fast, it nearly sends me into tears.

Either way, I get to spend today with this cute guy, and he is so much fun (and so much trouble, and so much whining, and so much adventure, and so much holding, and so much sweet, and so much yogurt...and so done with pictures in that last shot).  I love these days, they are so good to us.

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