Thursday, April 10, 2014

If you were a seed, well, I'd be a pod

California...what do I even say about being here that I haven't gushed about in another blog post? I grew up in this house and this town so being back, even with a baby, feels so familiar and comforting.  People kept asking me why I came and I kept shrugging my shoulders you need a reason to come home? I've been homesick and lonely and I wanted time with my family.

My flight was out of Salt Lake, and my Megs surprised me by walking in my door at 2AM the morning before I left to make the 4 hour drive to Salt Lake with Joony. I had been so anxious about that drive, and having an extra set of hands was the biggest relief. I won't ever be able to put into words how much her being there meant to me.
We spent the night with my high school best friend Michelle, which was bittersweet because she's moving to Colorado soon to start a brand new adventure with her husband. I can't wait to go visit, but saying good-bye suck suck sucked. And THEN we spent Monday morning before our flight curled up on my college bestie Brooke's couch, talking so fast our words would all jumble together and laughing and admiring each other's babies.

I'm saying all this so I remember someday how rejuvenating it was for my heart to have 24 hours packed with girlfriend time--with people who know my story and laugh at the jokes that make strangers think I'm a terrible person (Michelle and I said that, when meeting new people who don't get our jokes, were tempted to yell, "I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT IN SOME CIRCLES I AM CONSIDERED A RIOT!"). It was so refreshing to not wonder where I stood with them or hope I wasn't offending them or feel weird walking right into their house and curling up on their couch. I didn't realize how desperately I needed that relating until I was in the middle of it, feeling so healed.

Ok and...I meant this post to cover my whole week in the Bay Area, but I've been waxing poetic about girlfriends and just the one day I spent traveling to Salt Lake for so long that maybe I'll call it quits here and post about actually being home another day (so hang in there, I know you'll be ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT waiting for vacation posts! haha).


  1. Joons face in relation to the two of you is hilarious. Also, I know that feeling, and, while I've made some friendships here in VA, I miss the comfort of people knowing me in intimate ways.

  2. Ughh Amen. I miss girlfriends and real true I know you and we've been through the shiz together hugs that actually mean something. Luckily, I have one super good friend here but she's not a hugger. :/

  3. love it nice journey and your whole week detail.


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